Dinner at Azmin's: Seven Umno MPs refute Dr M's account

Dinner at Azmin's: Seven Umno MPs refutes Dr M's account


Dinner at Azmin's: Seven Umno MPs refutes Dr M's account

Dr M's defection claims untrue, we invited Azmin to join BN instead, say BN MPs. 

In a joint statement today, the seven MPs contradicted Mahathir's claim that the dinner participants from Umno had"lost" their party and were unsure of what to do politically, and that they were considering joining other parties.

They said discussions during the dinner meet with Amin (

"In view of BN's big win in Tanjung Piai, we invited Azmin join Umno because it is clear that now the rakyat prefers Umno and BN," the group said.

Mahathir claimed some of those Umno MPs also expressed their support to him.

of the meeting, other participants have provided different accounts of what happened.

"Some of them did inform me of the meeting prior to it taking place. Azmin organised the meeting to

Saya yakin 16 ahli parlimen BN yg DI UNDANG KE RUMAH AZMIN baru baru ini adalah ANGGOTA PARTI YG SETIA.Sebahagian dari mereka yg pergi ada yg memaklumkan pd saya sebelum mereka pergi..AZMIN ATUR PERTEMUAN ITU,MENGGUNAKANNYA UTK MEMBODEK PM SBG LANGKAH MENYELAMATKAN DIRINYA..

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Sounds like the title of an upcoming movie - 'Dinner at Azmin's'... 😂 😂 😂.. tamys46 CitizenNades xrockybrux hwabeng U tell us what is the meeting about I tell u what is the real movie about when we read first at mkini If mkini said umn0 asked azm!n It means the opposite Then it make sense right? Thats how good mkini in creating a movie

I tell you what's the meeting about. The meeting is abt Azmin trying to get the numbers to see if he has enough support to convince PM to appoint him as DPM or an effort to take both Bersatu and some PKR MPs to the other side and form new govt Well, would like to see their faces in parliament next week, haha..

Who is telling lies? AzminAli or chedetofficial - And why hasn't Pakatan Harapan sacked both Mahathir and Azmin Ali for holding unsanctioned talks with Pas-Umno Islamofascists? As long as tun m is PM, this country will never ever gonna change for good. Look at his ‘ceremonial’ minister and these bunch of umno MPs behaviour

Apa Dia orang kata: Atok - MP unno hilang parti, merayu nak masuk parti Cartel - perjumpaan biasa Kamaruddin - Dia .org datang mengemis projek MP unno - ajak cartel masuk parti Banyak Versi YB azmin terbaikkk

Dr Mahathir denies asking Azmin to meet BN MPs | The Malaysian InsightPrime minister says Monday get-together for PKR to investigate.

NGO calls for 'stern action' against Azmin, PKR MPs who met with BN MPsIPOH: Action should be be taken against Pakatan Harapan MPs who attended a meeting with Opposition MPs at Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali‘s residence in Putrajaya on Monday (Nov 18), says non-governmental organisation, Pro 98 Reformis Perak.

Azmin reaching out to BN to keep Dr M as PMNSTnation: AzminAli is apparently “reaching out” for support or endorsement from across the political divide for Dr Mahathir to remain as prime minister.

Saya tak minta Azmin jumpa ahli Parlimen BN, kata Dr Mahathir | The Malaysian InsightIni adalah masalah PKR dan mereka perlu siasat perkara ini, kata perdana menteri.

Dr M dakwa ahli Parlimen BN jumpa Azmin mengadu parti hilang arahPerdana menteri berkata, ada di kalangan ahli Parlimen BN itu yang menyuarakan sokongan terhadap kepimpinannya dalam pertemuan sulit dengan Azmin Ali di Putrajaya Isnin lalu. FMTNews BN AzminAli Azmin kot yang hilang arah? Ini Azmin dah jd kepala macai rasmi pd chedetofficial ker Nmpknyer Msia Baharu hidangkan lg byk drama & polemik politik. Jadi ko lah yang suruh Assmin jumpa penyangak2 ameno tu?

Maybe I'm a dictator but I didn't dictate Azmin and Umno MPs meeting - Dr MThe prime minister dismisses claims that he orchestrated the meeting that took place on Monday night.

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