DAP apologises to Abang Jo for any hurt caused in Sarawak

24/11/2022 6:40:00 AM

DAP apologises to Abang Jo for any hurt caused in Sarawak

DAP apologises to Abang Jo for any hurt caused in Sarawak

Anthony Loke says this after holding a meeting with the state premier.

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I don't understand why in the first, this Premier is nothing but an arrogant man Humble and Noble we need this in all our Politician. Cut it off GPS, you are gentlemen, right ?! Now who has Bola and who takada Come on Abang Jo, let's do this for Sarawak.💪 Why apologise It's heartbreaking!!! Sarawakians, remover! Boot this useless egoistic Abang Jo that threw all Sarakians under the bus out in next state elections!

Let the healing begin Sarawak dah suci murni hoi hoi I want to cry. Lets us unite , built this country and move forward. 😭😭😭😭 Abah bila nak minta maaf kat orang Sarawak dan Sabah ? Kena pm tepi ke nak lantik awak?

Anthony Loke Meets With Abang Johari, Apologises On Behalf Of DAP | TRP'I informed the premier if there had been any statements made in the past by DAP leaders that had offended the Sarawak government and its people, on behalf of DAP I openly apologise.' 😅😅😅 'olive branch'

Sorry is difficult word to say… blue and elton john mkula We need sincere heart to move forward and forgive each other. No more room for racism to build a stronger Malaysia. Timing show pure hypocrisy and willingness to do anything for power. Utterly disgusting DAP finally capitulated... Once being heroes of lurving to hurl insults now Karmically Kowtowed! Plus those DAP slavish followers should Kowtow too! Karma Karma Karma to dap!

Magnanimity of DAP demonstrates political maturity. Dear Jo for the good of Sarawak please do what your heart tells you is right ❤️ 🧊 abang Jo hati besar punya right!!! Tak kan orang sudah say sorry Masih marah. From now on, all politicians have learned a good lesson to be PRUDENT when making any comments or mocking. Because you will never know when will your rivals suddenly become your close allies.

Anthony gotta clean up for LGE

DAP extends olive branch to GPS | The Malaysian InsightLoke apologises to people of Sarawak, following meeting with Abang Johari.

Yes anthonyloke example for other dapmalaysia members... this is the leadership we want. as long as you have the courage to admit mistakes, things can be turned around. Politically correct move! Must have a big heart to ask for forgiveness and also must have a big heart to except the forgiveness. 🙏🏿

DAP mohon maaf pada pemimpin, rakyat Sarawak | The Malaysian InsightDAP cuba ambil hati pemimpin GPS di peringkat akhir rundingan untuk pecahkan kebuntuan bagi membentuk kerajaan persekutuan. dan dan mohon maaf

DAP backing Wan Rosdy as Pahang MB: ReportDAP also has reportedly expressed willingness to work with Barisan Nasional to form the state government theSun theSundaily GE15Malaysia Politics party support government coalition Demi RAKYAT & NEGARA, BN,GPS, dll sharusnya TAHNIAH,MBANTU & MYOKONG PH,pemenang PRU utk mbetulkan & mmajukan ekonomi negara serta mjaga mata pncarian hidup rakyat yg kini dlm BAHAYA & KRITIKAL. Bukan masa bpolitik lagi. Ketepikan perasaan benci mbenci. Move on NOW!!!Rakyat 😡😡

Groups alarmed by May 13 disinformation, hate speech on social mediaThe posts are well-coordinated, paid for, and target DAP, Chinese. who's the mastermind? Taliban Army Sigh... Politics tear us apart. Come on Malaysian, we can do better. Let's not easily manipulated by all these sentiments. 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

Anthony Loke: I have made open apology to GPS leaders“...if there were any statements made by DAP leaders previously that offended the Sarawak government and people, I, representing DAP, apologised openly,” Anthony Loke said theSun theSundaily Politics government party apology remarks Malaysia dapmalaysia good on you guys, now just hope everything is forgiven but never forgotten to move on. anthonyloke, let's create a better Malaysia,better than ever.