Critical contact tracing strategy missing from Adham's Parliament speech - Pua

Critical contact tracing strategy missing from Adham's Parliament speech - Pua

28/7/2021 8:45:00 AM

Critical contact tracing strategy missing from Adham's Parliament speech - Pua

The Damansara MP says it is 'surreal' that such an important aspect of the NRP was left out by the health minister.

In a statement today, Damansara MP Tony Pua said it was “completely surreal” that Adham’s 55-minute speech did not mention FTTIS even once when it was a critical component of the National Recovery Plan (NRP), outlined in Chapter 10. Read more: »

Plan to allow football fans back in stadiums submitted to NSC, says Ahmad Faizal

KUALA LUMPUR: Football fans could be making a return to stadiums to watch matches again, says Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu.

Dont think there was a strategy in place in the first place. I doubt the have the capability to do so. So please suggest your version / suggestions for proper contact tracing for consideration. Now is mix contact tracing and mitigation la mr pua It is clear that this strategy is no longer in their focus

They gave that up long ago, when they were trying to play down the first big cluster in our country. The Tabligh cluster. When you have so many thousands of daily Covid cases, contact tracing is no longer doable. You need mass testing, social distancing to break the chain. Vaccine is still the end game.

He. does. not. care

Parliament to hear Adham Baba on public health, Covid response | The Malaysian InsightHealth workers' welfare, hospital capacity also up for discussion. Ada live ka ni mau tinguk air suam man Hidangan hari ini sudah sampai I can't wait for Spanish fly flying around in the parliament.

Adham Baba lanjutkan Perintah Kesihatan | The Malaysian InsightPerintah Pencegahan Dan Pengawalan Penyakit Berjangkit dilanjutkan sampai 31 Disember ini. Nice picture selection Kena tambah stok spanish fly lah gayanya Darurat dah dibatalkan? Perintah ini walau dilanjutkan adakah ianya sah atau tidak?

Adham Baba extends Health Ordinance | The Malaysian InsightGazette says movement control curbs will continue till December 31. Does this makes sense when just hours ago we were informed that all 6 EO has been revoked and Emergency too ended? Anyone care to explain? Ini bukan main-main There's a big difference between 'Order' and 'Ordinance'. 🤦‍♀️ They are playing with words or what?

Ivermectin cetus perang mulut antara Dr. Adham dan pembangkang - Utusan DigitalUMnasional parlimen Antara ahli Parlimen yang mencetuskan pertikaman lidah adalah Khalid Abdul Samad (PH-Shah Alam) dan R. Sivarasah (PH-Sungai Buloh).

No action against contract doctors who took part in strike, says Adham | The Malaysian InsightHealth minister replies to points raised by lawmakers in the Dewan Rakyat. Then why the show cause letters and police investigations?

Kapasiti PKRC seluruh negara cecah 61 peratus, kata Adham Baba | The Malaysian InsightMengenai sumber manusia KKM, setakat 31 April tahun ini sebanyak 278,023 jawatan tetap diluluskan, selain lebih 40,000 pelantikan kontrak diluluskan, katanya.