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Covid-19 shows plight of China's overworked, underappreciated doctors

#NSTworld Covid-19 shows plight of #China's overworked, underappreciated doctors


NSTworld Covid-19 shows plight of China 's overworked, underappreciated doctors

HONG KONG: The Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic has shined a spotlight on another simmering crisis in China ’s healthcare system: a critical shortage of doctors.

In December, a man killed a doctor at a Beijing hospital after a disagreement over his mother’s care.The government has tried to relieve pressure on public hospitals by promoting community hospitals and allowing public system doctors to also work at private clinics. But some public hospitals threaten to fire those who moonlight elsewhere, one doctor said.

The Feb 7 death of Li Wenliang, the ophthalmologist who was among the first to call attention to the coronavirus, and the death of the director of a Wuhan hospital this week have called attention to the risks those treating the disease face.A Feb 14 post on Weibo, the Twitter-like social media platform, read: “This epidemic has shown how lacking in resources our medical system is. And with all the evil attacks on doctors in recent years, there will definitely be fewer people willing to study medicine.” - REUTERS

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Polis Hong Kong dijangkiti Covid-19, berpuluh pegawai dikuarantinPegawai berusia 48 tahun itu menghadiri jamuan dengan 59 polis lain di daerah barat Hong Kong pada 18 Feb. FMTNews Covid19

59 Hong Kong cops quarantined after meal with Covid-19 colleagueHONG KONG: Dozens of Hong Kong police officers have been placed in quarantine after attending a banquet with a colleague who later tested positive for the Covid-19 coronavirus, officials said on Friday.

Young doctor latest Covid-19 death among China health workers | The Malaysian InsightPeng Yinhua, 29, put off plans to wed during Lunar New Year holiday to help treat patients in Wuhan.

China may start trialling potential Covid-19 vaccine in April | The Malaysian InsightCountry using 5 approaches to develop vaccine, including using genetic engineering to mass-produce proteins that could act as antigens.

Pungent durian stack up in Malaysia as Covid-19 freezes China demand | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Feb 21 — A shortage of labour and electrical power outlets in backed-up Chinese ports as a result of the coronavirus outbreak is disrupting shipments of frozen durian from Malaysia to its biggest market for the pungent fruit. Normally bustling roadside durian stalls in Malaysia have... Hands up if you didn't even know it's durian season because greedy traders hoarded the fruits to sell overseas 🙋🏻‍♀️

Pelajar China di Malaysia disaring dan negatif Covid-19, kata TPM | The Malaysian InsightDr Wan Azizah berkata ketika ini terdapat 11,000 pelajar warga China di negara ini.

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