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Covid-19: Several MPs yet to get tested ahead of Dewan Rakyat meeting, says Deputy Speaker

Covid-19: Several MPs yet to get tested ahead of Dewan Rakyat meeting, says Deputy Speaker

25/10/2021 6:22:00 AM

Covid-19 : Several MPs yet to get tested ahead of Dewan Rakyat meeting, says Deputy Speaker

KUALA LUMPUR: Several MPs have yet to take their RTK-PCR Covid-19 test ahead of the second meeting of the fourth session of the 14th Parliament that begins on Monday (Oct 25), says Datuk Mohd Rashid Hasnon .

(pic)."Cooperation is needed from MPs to take the test immediately before they can be allowed to enter the Dewan Rakyat," the Deputy Speaker said in Parliament.It is also mandatory to undergo a Covid-19 saliva RTK test every Monday and Wednesday, he said.

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"The RTK saliva test for MPs will be conducted at the Banquet Hall of the Parliament building (on those days). The test will take about 20 minutes and will be conducted when the MPs arrive in Parliament," he said.Lawmakers are also allowed to remove their face masks when they are making their respective speeches but are required to immediately put them back on after speaking, he added.

He also reminded MPs to take all necessary precautionary steps to reduce the possibility of Covid-19 infection spreading in Parliament, including double masking (recommended) and wearing a face shield.Inviduals who are symptomatic or positive for Covid-19 and close contacts of positive cases are not allowed to attend the sitting, he said.

According to Mohd Rashid, all meeting reports including annual reports from government agencies will be shared digitally and will not be distributed via CD or flash drive.MPs may access the reports from their laptops, he added.The Second Meeting of the Fourth Session of the 14th Parliament will run for 32 days until Dec 16.

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