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Covid-19 self-test kits can now be bought through MySejahtera

Covid-19 self-test kits can now be bought through MySejahtera

31/7/2021 2:21:00 AM

Covid-19 self-test kits can now be bought through MySejahtera

PETALING JAYA: Three Covid-19 self-test kits are now available for purchase via the MySejahtera app.

They will then be directed to an online pharmacy platform to view more details about the product and make payment for delivery.Users can also submit their test results through the Update Self Test Result feature, whereupon they will be directed to the MySejahtera Helpdesk and prompted to input their details such as address, type of sample (saliva, nasal, others), and test outcome (positive, negative, invalid).

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Users will be informed that if the result is positive, they will be categorised as a Confirmed Case in MySejahtera following a verification process.According to guidelines from the Health Ministry (MOH), Covid-19 self-test kits have been approved for screening purposes only and all test results need further confirmation with the RT-PCR test, which requires nasal or throat swab samples.

Users can also now locate the nearest screening facilities under the new Health Facilities icon. They are required to allow the app to detect their location, following which a map will be generated with pins showing details – such as names, phone numbers and addresses – of the clinics closest to them.

MySejahtera stated in a Twitter post yesterday that users are required to update their app to access the new features. Read more: The Star »

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Covid-19 self-test kits can be bought via MySejahtera | New Straits TimesNSTnation MySejahtera users can now purchase Covid-19 self-test kits via the application and update their test results to the Health Ministry . MySejahtera SelfTestKits Covid19

MySejahtera now allows users to buy Covid-19 test kits and submit results onlineA new tab for Covid-19 Self Test will be available through the app's latest update. SELangkah is much better tbh

Now you can fill up the COVID-19 vaccination consent form in MySejahtera | SoyaCincau.comIndividuals who have yet to get their first COVID-19 vaccination dose can now read and sign the consent form digitally. This would help speed up the vaccination process as recipients don’t have to spend time manually filling up consent forms. This also reduces a contact point since you don’t need to handle papers or share […] Can you please give us some info. in your next video about those who cancelled their appointment and are waiting for the next one? How long does it take until MySejahtera give them another appointment? Thank you. Signed the consent form on mysejahtera and also signed the printed ones 😂 Oh dear. Those anti-consent forms ppl will be balking at this.

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Covid-19 screening in Parliament finds 11 positive cases | New Straits TimesNSTnation The first case was a staff who entered Parliament from July 26 to 28 and found positive on Thursday via a RT-PCR test at a health facility after displaying cough and flu symptoms. Parliament Covid19 Infection Check history of the people who're positive. Vaccinated? When? Brand vaccine? On that day, did all samples taken from attendees? If so, do sequencing to trace the origin of the virus and analyze the transmission dynamics in this enclosed setting. Useful study for future meet.