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Covid-19: No sports, recreational activities allowed in MCO areas for two weeks

All sports and recreational activities in areas under the #MCO will not be allowed for the next two weeks. Read more:

6/5/2021 4:49:00 PM

All sports and recreational activities in areas under the MCO will not be allowed for the next two weeks. Read more:

PETALING JAYA: All sports and recreational activities in areas under the movement control order will not be allowed for the next two weeks.

"The Youth and Sports Ministry made some proposals to NSC and they made the decision based on the risk evaluation done by Health Ministry, in line with the current Covid-19 situation."Our hope is to break the rise in new cases in the community, especially in the Klang Valley," said the ministry in a statement.

China to give M'sia 500k Sinovac doses, Hisham thanks 'big brother' Wang Special Discussion of the Malay Rulers still ongoing after over 2 hours | New Straits Times 'Telefon pintar sumbangan Yayasan YTL, sesuai untuk pelajar ikuti PdPR' | Harian Metro

"The national training camp under quarantine concept at the National Sports Council and the state sports council will continue."The training programme under quarantine concept for Malaysia Football League teams also can continue."Football matches under the bubble concept can continue but without the presence of spectators while athletes can travel outside the country for a competition but only with permission from the Youth and Sports Ministry and the Immigration Department," it said.

For further information, the public can view the guidelines MCO will be enforced from May 6 to 17 for six districts in Selangor and from May 7 to 20 in Kuala Lumpur. Read more: The Star »

Wild drug-fuelled sex party botched by police

KUALA LUMPUR: A surprise party for a doctor involving 35 party-goers at a luxury residence along Jalan Conlay was crashed by cops on Friday night (June 11).

So we can’t walk to be healthy but we can walk in the bazaar to get fat? Seriously No need to worry about covid when so many people kill themselves because they can’t exercise. A bullshit decision, against science and needs reversing now. What garbage. Never heard of an outdoor cluster. Yet bazaars n markets can operate.

The star is creating sop documents now? Please don’t close public parks, we need to exercise. Sports toto apa cam Jom lepak bazaar.

Stars of TV drama Covid Oh Covid Nora Danish, Tiz Zaqyah infected with Covid-19Both actresses updated their fans on their condition through Instagram on Sunday (May 9). Deme belakon dalam cite oh covid, penyudahnye kene jugak in real....bertabah le kome, moga dijauhkan dari variant tak selamat...

3,551 Covid-19 cases, 19 deathsThere are 33,762 active cases, with 354 in intensive care and 199 needing respiratory assistance. FMTNews Covid19 KKM

Covid-19: Gudang Genting cluster among 19 new clusters identifiedPUTRAJAYA: A Covid-19 outbreak involving employees of a business establishment in Genting Highlands is among 19 new clusters reported on Monday (May 10). Khairykj so what happened ? SOP not enforced - masks not properly worn in staff areas.

19 kluster baharu Covid-19 dikesan | The Malaysian InsightMajoriti adalah berkaitan tempat kerja, komuniti, pusat keagamaan.

19 new Covid-19 clusters today | The Malaysian InsightWorkplaces form the bulk at seven, says Noor Hisham.

19 kluster Covid-19, 7 babit tempat kerjaKluster itu dikesan di Selangor, Johor, Pulau Pinang, Kedah, Sabah, Pahang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Sarawak dan Perak. FMTNews Covid19