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Covid-19: Health Ministry reports 324 fatalities as of Saturday (Sept 18)

Covid-19: Health Ministry reports 324 fatalities as of Saturday (Sept 18)

19/9/2021 6:12:00 AM

Covid-19 : Health Ministry reports 324 fatalities as of Saturday (Sept 18)

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia's Covid-19 death toll has reached 23,067 after the Health Ministry reported 324 fatalities on Saturday (Sept 18).

The actual number of deaths is dynamic as Covid-19 fatalities take time to confirm and verify.Based on CovidNow's latest graph, the average number of deaths daily over the past seven days is 109, the lowest in the past two weeks.This continues a declining trend of Covid-19 deaths from early August, when the average was around 300 fatalities a day.

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Of the 324 reported deaths on Saturday, 153 were recorded in the Klang Valley, followed by Johor (54), Penang (25), Kedah (24), Perak (15), Sabah (13), Kelantan (12), Sarawak (11), Melaka (seven), Negri Sembilan (five), and Pahang (five).Putrajaya, Perlis, Terengganu, and Labuan recorded zero deaths on Sept 18.

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Malaysian Covid-19 vaccine to be fully developed by local experts, Dewan Rakyat told

KUALA LUMPUR: The ongoing development of a Malaysian Covid-19 vaccine at the Institute for Medical Research (IMR) will be fully conducted by local experts and researchers, says Datuk Aaron Ago Dagang.


COVID-19 Vaccine Malaysia Update #27: CovidNow website and reporting actual COVID-19 deaths per dayUPDATE: Walk-in vaccinations in the Klang Valley extended until 30th Sept at 5 locations:

Covid-19 deaths (Sept 19): 324 reported fatalities, death toll at 23,06770 people died before they could receive hospital treatment. Soon 25,000 people will be dead in Malaysia proving what Prof Adeeba predicted. And silly old Ismail Sabri can still appoint Mahiaddin and Anwar Ibrahim to help him combat this pandemic. Has Ismail Sabri got anything in his head?

Covid-19: 19 new clusters reported on Friday (Sept 17), 11 linked to workplacesPUTRAJAYA: The Health Ministry has identified 19 new Covid-19 clusters, taking the active number to 1,387.

Covid-19: 19 new clusters reported on Friday (Sept 17), 11 linked to workplacesMalaysia recorded 17,577 new Covid-19 cases on Friday, with Sarawak recorded the most number of cases at 3,480. Read more at

Ministry: Vaccination helps states keep Covid-19 deaths down Health Ministry cites Penang and Sarawak as examples.

Over 2,500 people entering Langkawi screened, one tested positive for Covid-19, says Health DGPETALING JAYA: One holidaymaker was found to be Covid-19 positive among more than 2,500 who were screened before entering Langkawi island, says Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah. Only need 1 to infect 2500 DGHisham Fully vaccinated means little, when no proper test done prior to flights Self Test Kit only RM17 and in 15mins know results. Why don't get everyone tested prior to boarding ? They can afford air tickets but not RM17 ? 'Kemudian aku membersihkan seluruh Pakistan dari segala macam kesyirikan dan kemudian aku memberitahu orang ramai bahawa Allah dan Muhammad s.a.w telah menunjukkan jalan yg benar melalui mimpi sehingga anda semua harus mengikuti jalan itu' -Muhammad Qasim-