Covid-19 deaths (Oct 24): 42 reported fatalities, lowest since mid-May

There were 77,305 active cases yesterday.

24/10/2021 2:41:00 AM

Covid-19 deaths (Oct 24): 42 reported fatalities, lowest since mid-May

There were 77,305 active cases yesterday.

COVID-19| The Health Ministry's Github data repository reported 42 Covid-19 fatalities yesterday (Oct 23), bringing the cumulative death toll to 28,354.This is the lowest number of daily reported deaths in more than five months. On May 13, 38 deaths were recorded.

From the newly reported deaths yesterday, 23.8 percent or 10 died before they could receive treatment at a hospital.Malaysia is the third worst-performing country in Asia in the number of Covid-19 deaths per capita after Iran and Lebanon.Sarawak recorded the highest number of new deaths at 17, making 40.5 percent of the newly reported fatalities.

The remaining deaths were in Kelantan (5), Selangor (5), Sabah (4), Perak (3), Johor (2), Negeri Sembilan (2), Pahang (1), Penang (1), Terengganu (1) and Kuala Lumpur (1).No new deaths were reported in Kedah, Malacca, Perlis, Labuan and Putrajaya.A total of 35 out of the 42 reported deaths or 83.3 percent happened in the last seven days.

The remaining deaths happened more than a week ago but were only recorded yesterday due to delays in data reporting.An average of 122 Covid-19 deaths was reported daily in the last 30 days compared to 71 in the last seven days, indicating a downtrend.

To date, 2,146 Covid-19 deaths have been reported this month.A total of 9,680 Covid-19 deaths were reported in September, 7,642 in August, 3,858 in July, and 2,380 in June.As of yesterday, there were 77,305 active Covid-19 cases. This is a reduction of 20.0 percent from 96,663 active infections a week ago.

Compared to 30 days ago, the number of active cases has fallen by 61.0 percent from 198,285.Cluster dataThe Health Ministry's post-midnight update also provided further insights into the new Covid-19 infections yesterday.From the 5,828 new cases yesterday, 256 of them could be traced to ongoing Covid-19 clusters.

From the cluster-linked cases, 162 (63.3 percent) were from workplaces while 68 (26.6 percent) were from community transmissions.Another 12 (4.7 percent) were from clusters linked to high-risk groups such as old folks' homes.The remaining cases were traced to clusters related to education institutions (8 - 3.1 percent) and religious events (6 - 2.3 percent).

Previously, the Health Ministry released deaths statistics together with the number of new Covid-19 cases in the evening. This has changed.Deaths statistics are now released after midnight along with more detailed data.Malaysiakinireports them in the morning.

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