Covid-19 deaths (Dec 8): 66 reported fatalities, total at 30,718

Terengganu recorded the highest number of new deaths at 12.

8/12/2021 2:49:00 AM

Covid-19 deaths (Dec 8): 66 reported fatalities, total at 30,718

Terengganu recorded the highest number of new deaths at 12.

COVID-19| The Health Ministry reported a total of 66 new Covid-19 fatalities yesterday (Dec 7), bringing the cumulative death toll to 30,718.Malaysia has the highest number of deaths per capita in the Asean and East Asian regions with 931 deaths per 1 million population.

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From the newly reported deaths yesterday, 13.6 percent or 9 died before they could receive treatment at a hospital.Terengganu recorded the highest number of new deaths at 12, making up 18.2 percent of the newly reported fatalities.The remaining deaths were in Selangor (11), Kedah (8), Perak (7), Penang (6), Sabah (5), Negeri Sembilan (4), Johor (3), Kuala Lumpur (3), Kelantan (2), Pahang (2), Sarawak (2) and Malacca (1).

No new deaths were reported in Perlis, Labuan and Putrajaya.A total of 65 out of the 66 reported deaths or 98.5 percent happened in the last seven days.The remaining deaths happened more than a week ago but were only recorded yesterday due to delays in data reporting.

An average of 48 Covid-19 deaths was reported daily in the last 30 days compared to the seven-day average of 42, indicating a downtrend.As of yesterday, there were 60,411 active Covid-19 cases. This is a reduction of 7.3 percent from the 65,153 active infections a week ago.

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Compared to 30 days ago, the number of active cases has fallen by 6.5 percent from 64,625.Cluster-linked infectionsThe Health Ministry's post-midnight update also provided further insights into the new Covid-19 infections yesterday.From the 4,965 new cases yesterday, a total of 138 of them could be traced to ongoing Covid-19 clusters.

From the cluster-linked cases, 47 (34.1 percent) were from workplaces while 39 (28.3 percent) were from high-risk groups such as old folks homes.The remaining cases were traced to clusters related to education institutions (36 - 26.1 percent), community transmissions (13 - 9.4 percent) and religious events (3 - 2.2 percent).

The Health Ministry uploads the latest details of the Covid-19 pandemic after midnight on Github as part of its open data initiative.


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