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Covid 19, Sabah

Covid-19: 563 new cases today, mostly in Sabah | New Straits Times


12/10/2020 1:49:00 PM

NSTnation Covid19: 563 new cases today, mostly in Sabah


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Singaporean pleads not guilty to abusing autistic child

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama): A Singaporean woman on Wednesday (Oct 13) pleaded not guilty at the Ampang Sessions Court here to abusing an autistic child.

563 Covid-19 cases, 2 deaths reportedThis brings the total number of infections in the country to 11,022, with 5,039 still being treated. FMTNews Covid19 Malaysia

Covid-19: 563 new cases, two fatalities bring death toll to 159PUTRAJAYA: The number of Covid-19 cases remained above 500 on Monday (Oct 12), with 563 new infections in the past 24 hours, says the Health Ministry. There're reportedly 14 new cases in Penang today, can the DG, the Defence minister, the NSC, the Penang state government, or anybody for that matter tell Penangites in which area(s) these cases are? For God's sake why is such important information not published? LOCKDOWN SOON MUTHAFUCKERS!!!!

2 kematian, 563 kes baharu Covid-19Kuala Lumpur: Kes baharu jangkitan Covid-19 di negara ini meningkat kepada 563 kes berbanding 561 kes semalam, dengan dua kematian direkodkan hari ini.

Kota Marudu Hospital to treat Covid-19 cases in Sabah - Health DGKUALA LUMPUR: The Kota Marudu Hospital in Sabah has become another hospital designated to treat Covid-19 cases in the state, bringing the total number...

Kota Marudu Hospital to treat Covid-19 cases in SabahThis will increase the number of hospitals treating such patients to seven in the state. FMTNews Covid19 PKRC Sabah

Dr M slams govt for 'forcing' Sabah polls, spike in Covid-19 casesThe former prime minister says the state election should not have been held. FMTNews Mahathir EC Covid19 Hahaah word. 'Politics is more important then principles' your brain is fill with this hormon What's the point of talking after the fact?