Court allows temporary passport release for Najib to be in Singapore

This is to allow him to be with his expectant daughter there.

18/10/2021 5:19:00 AM

Court allows temporary passport release for Najib to be in Singapore

This is to allow him to be with his expectant daughter there.

4Najib Abdul Razak today got court leave for temporary return of his passport so he could go to Singapore and give support to his daughter, who is expected to give birth there.A three-person Court of Appeal bench chaired by Kamaludin Md Said this morning unanimously allowed the former prime minister’s

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application, for release of the passport from Oct 20 to Nov 22.Kamaludin ruled today that the explanation by the former premier’s legal team, for temporary release of the passport so Najib could be with and give support...Unlocking ArticleRead more from this author


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Enough is enough. This nonsense has to stop. Singapore accepts convicted Malaysia long as the have money to spend.... This is the kind of double standard which people should not take it happily! This is an added reason for all voters to kick bloody MN or BN out next GE! Mmmm...I have and feeling about this

Family ReUnion = Najib+Rosmah+Jho Low…meeting in Singapore. MAKAMAH MALAYSIA IS NOT VOID I knew it!!! MFAsg VivianBala cnni Singapore going to allow a person found guilty of corruption into their country!!!! Well done He najib playing good games. Past 3 years he was unable to go overseas now using his daughter give birth. U can see her in video. This is excuse to go away from malaysia.all. Malaysian know you motive.. leave the fir good with your family. Let young umno take over .

WOWWWW An arif ruling. Malaysian judicial memang best. A welcomed precedent.

Road to GE15: Najib warns grassroots not to crave luxury, material goodsThe former PM also says Umno must be prepared to stand alone. Are you kidding me? 😆 This must definitely be A/B testing by his team. Cos at this point, this is just messing around with us haha. Haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaa!!

Malaysia boleh semua boleh With taxes owing ? undang² negara kita memang lemah sbb tu korupsi, rasuah, salahguna kuasa memang jadi mainan golongan vip ni...rakyat biasa tengok jelaa sampai terbeliak biji mata Somehow, are Malaysians really surprised that this can happen in the country? Hooray! We got a very weak civil and legal system. Our opposition party politician are also weak when they could have root out these garbage from the system when they had the chance.

what a friggin Joke! Two rules .. one nation... many many crooks and swindlers , it's an open golden door isn't it... disgusting. Not surprising at all especially with umno kleptocrats back in power!!! State election for Melaka is coming soon so all you people there, please open your eyes, ears & mind!!! Negaraku needs to be rescued & reset before it's too late!!!

Bangang. Klau dia lari someone's head should roll. So all can apply now for travelling overseas and the courts should consent rite !

Illicit flow of funds not linked to Pandora Papers, says NajibPETALING JAYA: The illicit outflow of funds from the country is not related to the Pandora Papers, says Datuk Seri Najib Razak. Hey NajibRazak Where is your other crook brother ? Family of Razak Thieves Expect speaking

Hope he gets arrested by Singapore police Where is RULE OF LAW!!! This is the message, 'cash is king' being sent to our younger generation 🙄🙄🙄 Not fair....temporary passport.....must his original passport.....IsmailSabri60 We should thank government under IsmailSabri60 . Thank you for your ‘Keluarga UMNO’ sir!

Under Keluarga (luarbiasa) Malaysia,all can fly...both man and morals!!🤦🤦 A thief who tried to abscond in 2018 is allowed leave d country by d court? Just can't understand how d court can still trust a confirmed thief who is having a sentence hanging over his head. Then to b fair, all prisoners shld b allowed out of jail with a simple excuse too...

Hebat la IsmailSabri60!! Nanti rakyat bayar cash masa GE15! As expected

Anak bersalin: Najib akan ke Singapura - Utusan DigitalPasport tersebut akan diserahkan kepada Najib pada 20 Oktober ini bagi membolehkan Ahli Parlimen Pekan itu memperbaharui dokumen perjalanan tersebut sebelum terbang ke Singapura pada 3 November selepas selesai sesi pembentangan Belanjawan 2022. Pesalah memang pesalah. X kira apa status dia before and after. Pelik betul kes² sebegini. Holiday sakan hujung tahun Najib dan Rosmah, duit pun banyak tu. Untung orang politik di Malaysia, kes mahkamah pun boleh pi holiday ke luar negara.

really disappointed to our neighbour seberang tambak sana please watch them If normal citizens don't hope. Double standard People, do you know now how rotten our system is? Malaysia boleh Wah why special? If normal rakyat can? Bloody useless judiciary system ! Just look on how the inequality and injustice here in Malaysia. VERY DISAPPOINTING!!

Would any layman get this privilege?🤔 As an economic refugee of Malaysia, having this despicable man and his wife in my country of choice is beyond offensive. He and his ilk have systematically oppressed non bumis for generations. NoNajib as always, MONEY and POWER get you to eternity ... nice to sometimes blame on FATE ... we are born poor and powerless ...

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Double standard... Create a 3rd world 😤😤😤 PH just walk away from Mou We have a CONVICTED criminal involved in a World Wide Scandal with enough resources to dissappear forever. What rule of Law is being practiced? Do the courts realise the impact of this Precedent ? What must be World be thinking? PTPTN, LHDN blocks you from travelling if unpaid debts. Anybody care to explain?

Well done. Welfare is important. How much najib have to pay to get his passport back? Kalau tak bayar PTPTN or LHDN pandai kerajaan stop the people from traveling. Penyangak penyamun yg curi berbilion boleh pulak dibenarkan… kenapa double standard? Ok, now let other convicts who pending appeal get the same treatment. Let them travel freely.

This is definition of family Malaysia congrats Oooo Now Singapore accept Malaysian to go on vacation there!

UK minister takes aim at European rights court | Malay MailLONDON, Oct 17 — Britain’s justice minister today laid out his plans to reform key rights legislation to stop the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) from “dictating” to the UK. Justice Secretary Dominic Raab said in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph that the ECHR was imposing too...

Guess our system got problem I suppose? Let the Holiday Begin!! Book connecting flight to elsewhere already? Disgusting!👺👺👺🤮🤮🤮 It really pays to be a crook in Malaysia ! ..................this is just utterly repugnant anwar, you and your stooges have been had, all bought, sold out and paid for, time to rip off the mou… 🤣

Rosmah I get it coz she's not yet convicted Najib? He's a convicted felon! How can a convicted felon granted a permission to leave the country? Our law is a joke! Does the court follows order from 'High Power'? Illogical court decision! A FELON SHOULD NOT LEAVE THE COUNTRY! Awesome la 👏👏👏.....the precedent set! Perhaps other convicts may also consider to apply to visit their anak, ibubapa, datuk, nenek, pakcik, makcik, dll.

f f s Woi budak2 ptptn x blh kluo negara kalau x bayar balik ..najib x bayaq lhdn billion² blh plak kluaq

Iran court upholds jail term for UK-Iranian aid worker, lawyer saysNew jail term a month after finishing prior 5-year sentence. Will she ever be released?

Wow I am totally impressed with Malaysia justice system.. A convicted criminal allowed to travel overseas? If this is a common Rakyat.. A mere mention of travelling u will be sumbat into prison and key thrown away Wow. Malaysia is completely corrupt. Convicted felon can go Jalan Jalan overseas Filthy rich people and their filthy rich children go to foreign hospitals to give birth. Imagine where the poor and hardccore women give birth to their children. Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor are a disgrace to their people. Remember this event in GE15 people.

MalaysiaBoleh Convict can now travel overseas!!! Amazing Malaysian Justice System!!! Yeah........woohoooo......... REUNION PARTY BASH is on........JL attending or not? Sponsored private jet or LCC? How many bags of luggage this time round...? Look out, govsingapore MAS_sg , TheJusticeDept INTERPOL_HQ , a convicted criminal is heading to Singapore!!

lol look at how differently we treat criminals when they have status and wealth Why, it's not important life threatening matter, it gives bad precedent😡😡😡