Corrupt leaders likely to make a comeback, Dr Mahathir warns | The Malaysian Insight

Corrupt leaders likely to make a comeback, Dr Mahathir warns

Najib Razak

6/12/2021 11:19:00 AM

Corrupt leaders likely to make a comeback, Dr Mahathir warns

Former PM wants to know if voters have forgotten Najib Razak ’s crimes, forgiven him or believe he is innocent.

Copy URLFormer prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad asks if the people have forgotten the crimes of corrupt leaders, in his blog post today. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, December 6, 2021.CORRUPT leaders are likely to make a comeback in the 15th general election with the current voters mindset, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today.

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He took the Malacca elections, where Barisan Nasional (BN) emerged victorious, as a case in point.

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itu yg meleis suka Its ok, definitely better than you. Is not likely, is already here... Sembang macam dia terpaling suci murni. Yela chedetofficial Siapa yang jaga mereka dulu? Dan siapa yang kasi perlindungan kepada mereka di dalam parti Bersatu? He paved the way for their return with the help of MuhyiddinYassin

Dementia! Short term memory. That's the reason BN was in power for more than 60 years, including 22 years of your Prime Ministership. Well, you left the backdoor open for the corrupted to takeover. You deserve it. This is politics in our beloved country. firdyfire Minta dijauhkan😩 Really ? Who opened the door for them ?

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You gave them shelter in bersatu. Melayu mudah lupa You're Numero Uno Thats already practive long time ago, nothing new. Wellcome Tok has forgotten (again) how he emaciated the then-ACA and concentrated power in the PM’s Office and created a political frog culture based on “incentives” to both politikus and marhaens

Sadly. People have short memories in Malaysia.. Is a good quote coz it also reflects to his own, suggest to hv international investigators team to come dig in to see past 40 years who is the most corrupt person in Malaysia. We might be surprised of the results So there is nothing to stop the corrupt leaders from making a comeback? Who sow the seeds of big time political corruption ?

Talk to mirror, isn't? Ada tengok cermin tak

'Superficial' clothing not needed for support, Boo tells 'Dr M yes man' Guan EngEx-Johor DAP rep says clothing should not be used for politics. Women wear what they want, and toxic old men will start to ooze lust or politics or both. boochenghau is completely spot on. Dap has been playing populist politics for far too long. I remembered how Dap leaders esp young cabinet ministers and deputies were praising Dr M non stop post ge14 Spot on boochenghau ..Don't forget anthonyloke was holding an extra Mic for DrM while he calls Dong Zong extremist. While DrM himself is the world's most dangerous extremist. dapmalaysia

Thanks to you & your previous party Thanks to you chedetofficial They never left Semua Salah You lor. Oldest politician in the world doesn't mean you are the smartest one. You lost the game you thought you mastered. You overthrowed your legacy with stubborn decision to not pass the torch to Anwar. You put your country at stake.

I started to like Najib. Nak kata kat diri sendiri kot chedetofficial you taught them how to steal in Government. So you’re saying to us, you have long term memory loss? You’re not 1 of them? Ignorant fool ! Thanks to you and your shenanigans All started in the 1980s Thanks for your admission. We are aware of your corrupt prowess!

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If you had just handed it over to Anwar, we wouldn't have to go through this shit! Since you have always been a sly and vengeful human, so enjoy the circus Malaysia is today..and don't worry, just like Melaka, Sarawak will also help these corrupt ppl to be back! Who was the culprit that made that happen?

LOL. Just like Mahathir. You caused this, so why complain?

Dr Wee: Those who issue driving licences in exchange for bribes will be punishedPETALING JAYA: The act of selling driving licences illegally through bribery cannot be taken lightly and any party involved will be punished, says Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong. No wonder we have such bad, inept drivers in Malaysia. Been going on for ages, perhaps. Wee Joke 🤣😂 Don't tell me for so many years you are not aware of this...

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