Cops stop opposition lawmakers from marching to Parliament

Cops stop opposition lawmakers from marching to Parliament

2/8/2021 6:02:00 AM

Cops stop opposition lawmakers from marching to Parliament

KUALA LUMPUR: Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and a group of lawmakers have been temporarily stopped by the police from marching towards Parliament.

The opposition lawmakers then tried to march on foot to Parliament but were stopped by police.Police also advised media personnel to observe social distancing.Anwar tried negotiating with police to allow them to go to Parliament while several opposition lawmakers were chanting"hidup rakyat, daulat Tuanku".

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Anwar later made a short speech before the group dispersed peacefully. Read more: The Star »

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big scene today Are parlimentarians above the lawa as compared to us ordinary citizens that All Law and SOP imposed does apply to them No double standards just because their titile is YB Ahli Parlimen We need to refresh our legislative with regards to our statutory institutions. These institutions must be empowered and held accountable to foremost uphold our constitution, our Rukun Negara and serve our rakyat and tanahair, without political influence.

Cops words is use on US, Malaysia call as Polis. Make it right. dhzhamzah Is this necessary? The protesters are your fellow colleagues - the real patriots for Malaysia., Takut sangat sampai polis? Mereka ada apa... Polis ada apa... Gilaks... Gagal habis... We should be together opposition.. we should pull down the devil government.

Macam nak perang Do they carry weapons?

Cops to call up all #Lawan protesters; all will be identifiedKUALA LUMPUR: Police will call everyone involved in Saturday's (July 31) 'Keluar dan Lawan' protest here. The old fools who lied to the rakyat using Agong’s name macam mana? Don’t give up fighting to kick out all the old farts! Malaysia needs to breathe “fresh and clean” air… Don't the police work for the people? What the actual fuck is this shit. How do you people sleep at night

syahredzan Should’ve brought duit kopi

Cops to take action against #Lawan rally protesters for violating SOP | New Straits TimesKUALA LUMPUR: Action will be taken against protesters who participated in the Lawan peaceful rally held in the city centre this morning. Why “peacefully” also tangkap? Yang makan duit tu masih lagi berjalan-jalan

Cops to question five #Lawan protest organisersPolice say although the protest went off without a hitch, it is still a violation of the current MCO.

Cops to take statements from five #Lawan rally organisersKUALA LUMPUR: Police are expected to take statements from five Sekretariat Solidariti Rakyat members on Sunday (Aug 1) over their roles as organisers of the Keluar dan Lawan protest here.

Sabah cops launch manhunt after four detainees with Covid-19 flee from quarantine centreKOTA KINABALU: Four Covid-19 positive detainees escaped from the quarantine and treatment centre in Penampang early Sunday (Aug 1) morning. Tikus

Durian party: Cops to call up cosmetics entrepreneur for alleged breach of Covid-19 SOPsKUALA LUMPUR (Bernama): Police will call up a cosmetics entrepreneur to give a statement for allegedly violating the standard operating procedures (SOPs) of Phase One of the National Recovery Plan (PPN).