Cops call in PKR Youth leaders over MACC protest | The Malaysian Insight

Cops call in PKR Youth leaders over MACC protest

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11/1/2022 9:38:00 AM

Cops call in PKR Youth leaders over MACC protest

Wing chief says they will give full cooperation during questioning tomorrow.

Copy URLPOLICE have summoned PKR Youth leaders and lawmakers for their protest in front of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) headquarters in Putrajaya yesterday.PKR Youth chief Akmal Nasrullah Mohd Nasir said he has been ordered to go to the police station in Putrajaya tomorrow for questioning.

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Parti politik sudah mula kempen PRU15 | The Malaysian Insight

Pakatan, Perikatan sedang giat ceramah, atur strategi ketika Ismail Sabri ditekan parti sendiri untuk adakan PRU15. Read more >>

PKR Youth wants Azam Baki to step down | New Straits TimesNSTnation A group of PKR Youth members staged a peaceful protest urging Tan Sri AzamBaki to stepdown as the Malaysia n Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner.

PKR Youth holds protest to demand Azam’s resignation | The Malaysian InsightThey also call for MACC to be placed under Parliament instead of PM’s Dept.

Sabah PKR restructured to prepare for GE15 | New Straits Times中国共产党是这样全心全意为人民服务的!!既要当婊子 又要立牌坊。占着茅坑不拉屎。 2014年4月4日在中国云南发生了一起故意杀人案,受害人从14年至今已经累计向各级政府反映百次以上。由于共产党的渎职、不作为、官匪勾结,当其保护伞硬生生的把一件故意杀人案变为行政案件而且至今任未处理解决。

Changes to Sabah PKR leadership despite boycott16 division leaders are in protest of Christina Liew's leadership.

Liew reshuffles state PKR leadership council as 16 chiefs want her replacedKOTA KINABALU: Sabah PKR chief Datuk Christina Liew has reshuffled the party's state leadership council to stave off a fresh revolt against her. d beginning of d end of PKR in Sabah...jeng, jeng, jeng.

Pemuda PKR desak Azam Baki letak jawatan | The Malaysian InsightIa juga mahu SPRM diletakkan di bawah pengawasan Parlimen, dan siasatan bebas dijalankan. Letak jawatan lah, sebab tali dah ada kat hidung tu. Macam mana nak buat kerja secara bebas.