Constitutional change to grant bumi status to S'wakian children of mixed marriages

Issue of children with mixed parentage inheriting native land.

16/10/2021 7:50:00 AM

Constitutional change to grant bumi status to S'wakian children of mixed marriages

Issue of children with mixed parentage inheriting native land.

Oct 16, 2021 4:42 AM⋅:4:42 AMAmong the constitutional amendments that the government is planning includes one that will grant bumiputera status to Sarawakian children from mixed marriages where only one parent is a native.De factoLaw Minister Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, whose party is the Sarawak-based PBB, was quoted as saying by

Borneo Postthat this will be possible if the constitutional amendment receives the support of two-thirds of MPs.He added this will affect around 30 percent... Read more: »

BM should be used by all patriotic M'sians, says PAS leader Awang Hashim

KUALA LUMPUR: Bahasa Malaysia is the national language and should be known by all patriotic Malaysians, says Datuk Awang Hashim.

How about just rid of this bumi vs non-bumi status all along? This system's like white vs non-white in South Africa back in the days. That's already in the constitution 🙄 If Malaysia ever wants to progress... They have to do away with such status ... ASAP before it's too late This is good move. The whole country should adopt it.

YOURSAY | Explain cabotage issue now, no need to wait for debateBy delaying, Wee is suggesting that he does not have an answer... There are Little Napoleon's needs to get rid off YB. Semua penipu Debate outside Parliament is a waste of time. An ego trip. Discussion to resolve issues ok? So many things to do. guanenglim weekasiongmp

Wee Ka Siong ordered to explain conflicting statement on cabotage issue in Parliament - SoyaCincauAfter Annuar Musa said the cabotage issue was a reason why Malaysia was bypassed by tech giants, the speaker ordered Wee to clarify his remarks with supporting documents. Minta Tan Sri AnnuarMusa hantam kuat2 sama dia pada issue ini! Guys, come on. Whether or not the cabotage rule was in place, FB and Google would have bypassed Msia anyways. Which tech giant would want their cable through a country where the govt can be stolen by unelected officials?

Wan Junaidi: Children of mixed marriages in Sarawak to gain Bumiputera status if law on racial status passed | Malay MailKUCHING, Oct 16 — Children of mixed marriages between Sarawakian Bumiputera and non-Bumiputera or foreigners will be given Bumiputera status once the Parliament passed a law on their racial status this month, said Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar. The Minister in the Prime Minister’s... Why does Sarawak even wish to perpetuate the bumi-nonbumi conundrum? Just do away with it, and you'll suddenly see everyone as Malaysian. Or Sarawakians at least. It's really not that difficult to do, and it's so much more positive a thing to do. Maybe every child born in Malaysia after Jan 1st 2020 should be given Bumiputera status? Or at least some date in the future? Look UNHumanRights one of your committee members perpetuating racism.

Wan Junaidi confident two-third of MPs will support constitutional changes | The Malaysian InsightWan Junaidi confident two-third of MPs will support constitutional changes

Gempa bumi landa Bali, tiga terkorban - Utusan DigitalGegaran dirasai di Karangasem, Denpasar dan Lombok Utara. pedoqpop Mimpi Qasim 2015- Nabi Muhammad SAW bersabda, ini adalah Islam saya dan kerana Qasim melakukan segalanya kerana Allah & saya berkata demikian, Allah akan memberi mereka pahala yg berlipat ganda. Ramai muslim di seluruh dunia mendakwa dia adalah Imam Al-Mahdi tetapi dia menolak.

Court grants Rosmah passport for Singapore trip to be with daughter who’s giving birth to second child | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Oct 15 — The High Court today allowed Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor to temporarily take back her passport so she can go to Singapore to be with her pregnant daughter when the latter gives birth. Judge Mohamed Zaini Mazlan granted the order after hearing the application from Rosmah’s... Can kirim murtabak ZamZam or not? Pung pang psl bangsa agama jgn jd cam singapore last2 anak bersalin kat singapore..what a joke!! Memang bangsat!!Terima kasih for the malaysia law and the law maker ! Now we know were the poor and normal people like us stand. The law is only for the people like us..for the politicians and families are all above the law..