COMMENT | Why vaccination should be compulsory

COMMENT | Why vaccination should be compulsory

5/8/2021 4:59:00 AM

COMMENT | Why vaccination should be compulsory

In this Covid era, to go unvaccinated is dangerous.

Instead, we are now hearing demands for the freedom to be unvaccinated against the virus that causes Covid-19. Brady Ellison, a member of the US Olympic archery team, says his decision not to get vaccinated was “one hundred percent a personal choice”, insisting that “anyone that says otherwise is taking away people’s freedoms”.

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The oddity, here, is that laws requiring us to wear seat belts really are quite straightforwardly infringing on freedom, whereas laws requiring people to be vaccinated if they are going to be in places where they could infect other people are restricting one kind of freedom in order to protect the freedom of others to go about their business safely.


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