COMMENT | Why minorities did an eye-roll over Umno PM's 'apartheid' remark

COMMENT | Why minorities did an eye-roll over Umno PM's 'apartheid' remark

26/9/2021 4:34:00 AM

COMMENT | Why minorities did an eye-roll over Umno PM's 'apartheid' remark

Ismail speaks of Palestinian oppression yet what is happening in his backyard?

COMMENT | The systematic oppression of Palestinians over many years through discriminatory policies, denial of basic civil rights, imposition of harsh conditions, large scale land confiscation and inhumane acts committed against them is tantamount to the crime of apartheid, said Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob in a video speech to the United Nations General Assembly yesterday.

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Syabas!An admirable position was taken up by the Umno man – but you know what else is tantamount to the crime of apartheid? – dividing Malaysians by race, depriving Orang Asli of their hereditary lands, sitting idly by as one Indian after another suffers a mysterious death in police lockups and leaving Sabah and Sarawak decades behind in development despite their lands being resource-rich.

It is absolutely shameful that every single premier of the country thus far has belonged to a Malay-rights party and not an ideological one like a conservative, liberal or social-democratic party – what does it say about the insecurity of a voter base that is so comfortable with electing ethnic champions?

To be fair,was spot on – he said that Malaysia has always been a firm believer in all efforts and initiatives that promote peaceful coexistence between nations, different peoples, faiths and cultures.Perhaps in his righteous indignation over the suffering of the Palestinians, the Bera MP has forgotten about

that followed in 2018 when the Pakatan Harapan government proposed that Malaysia sign the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Icerd).Malaysia is one of only two Muslim-majority countries in the world that has not...

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Went the politicians fail in their governance.....they will strategize to divert the attention with ploys of either using racial or religious their agenda After 60 years, apartheid has become part of UMNO. Many Malays are hypocrites. They scream when Israelis demonize and discriminate the Palestinians, but then they turn around and proceed to demonize and discriminate the non-Malays. Fuck this double standard. No more Malay Supremacy! No more Malay privilege! RepealArticle153

This is typical of Malaysia Politicians. They don't fully understand or comprehend the problems at home and yet wants to give advice to others....LOL One aspect of politics that we are good in - wayang / hypocrisy. keluarga malaysia.. my company you take 51% shares. so shameful He is a racist in the first place only when given the unbecoming choice as a Leader he begins to advocate all the right things for multicultural nation building..Fakers are basically opportunist..Eventually contributing to dwnfall..washingtonpost guardian NikkeiAsia CNBC CNN

A pot calling a kettle black Exporting our hypocrisy to the world to see. Why are UUmnoo MPs and cronies walking free fr all charges once Langkah sheraton was executed

Gabby Petito's disappearance captivated the world. Why?According to a TikTok content creator, the disconnect between how people 'romanticise' Gabby Petito's roadtripping life and the 'tragedy' of what occurred fuelled the fascination. Pakistan tidak dapat dihancurkan kerana pertolongan Allah ada pada Pakistan. 1400 tahun yg lalu Nabi Muhammad SAW berdoa kepada Allah untuk menjadikan sebuah negara di mana Islam akan bangkit kembali. Ini adalah dari mimpi berkah Muhammad Qasim. Layari

After days in implementing the 51% bumi equity for freight forwarding business he has the gall to talk about apartheid ... our political elites and their hypocracies are in a class of its own ... gutter level. Mail piem 9, your bn gomen so called Keluarga Malaysia initiative is far from being implemented successfully! So you better make things right in your own backyard before you tell others or the whole world to correct theirs! To most rakyat, kleptocrat will always be kleptocrat!

We think it is a bit over to label as 'apartheid'. Wasnt this genius behind the failed LOWYAT 2.0, where the fundamental of its inception was about race? When you over recycle ♻️ Msian leaders love mouthing politically correct platitudes however banal/empty it may sound.We hear much empathetic noise about the poor Palestinians' plight but when the ambassador to M'sia revealed M'sian NGOs' donations never saw the PS daylight only elegant silence engulfed.

UmnoPasBersatu blatant hypocrisy manages to hit new highs of lies to the world, Msians, Malays and the self in the mirror. I think UMNOPASBERSATU still exist because supply and demand. Their voters want to feel good hearing that their problems are not their fault, this is their land, they have the rights to have more advantage than others and UMNOPASBERSATU are more than happy to make them feel good

Aisehman. Didn't you know that Ismail Sabri is a hardcore racist who tells his people to boycott other people for the slightest reasons? That's who Ismail Sabri is. We should look after our own backyard first n to trash out the numerous problems besetting the nation.

Khairy explains why herd immunity no longer realisticAppearance of the Delta variant shifts the goalpost beyond reach. Haiyo tell the PM and the cabinet not to bloody use that term lah! Most of us already know once the virus surged again in Israel, US and UK. Like common flu, herd immunity is no longer a thing! Indian-Variants mutated into numerous variants that's right! Tidak serik ditipu pharmaceutical industrial complex

People actually think they have democracy, when our democracy is actually not working for the people but politicians who are racial fanatics. The writer is spot on to call Malaysia an apartheid state. Hypocrite

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Gabby Petito's disappearance captivated the world. Why? | New Straits TimesWASHINGTON: An avalanche of online coverage and high-profile television broadcasts: The death of young adventurer Gabby Petito sparked immense US and worldwide interest – and triggered debate over the disproportionate attention accorded missing white women. See.. msmaheran kalijahwati take care ladies 🇺🇸 Ask ourselves the same question: Why 'the disproportionate attention accorded' by the media deaths of wealthy Malaysians who had done very little, if any, to our society while they were alive?

Najib eyeing Umno presidency - bravado or real comeback?SPECULATION that Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is planning a political comeback has been swirling for months. Crazy This guys is blady dumb no same time if i wonder if umno willing to accept him..if yes then umno will be in hell next election Bring Najib back!