COMMENT | Has Najib passed the 'reasonable doubt' test?

COMMENT | Has Najib passed the 'reasonable doubt' test?

9/4/2020 8:26:00 AM

COMMENT | Has Najib passed the 'reasonable doubt' test?

What impressions we have of him or the case count for nothing.

We wait for the decision with bated breath.ZAID IBRAHIM is Kelantan DAP chief and former de facto law minister. Read more: »

No. Jaysus Focking Cryst. Comparing a religious child molester to a motherfocking robber of a nation. Yeah that’ll elevate both their reputation. Pee h are a confirmed liar without any test😁 Almost forget this guy... erm..kawan dia dah jadi gov... If the prosecution has established a full-proof case against him, then convict him. (sic). Asking zaidibrahim - Is it full-proof or foolproof?

Thief HELL NO...wth Malaysia you put him on trial you see to it to the end...

Health DG: Enough Covid-19 reagent for one week, more on the wayCORONAVIRUS | Noor Hisham says M'sia conducted 9,214 tests today, below the maximum daily testing capability of 11,500 tests.

Government must not allow SMEs to collapseNSTopinion But with assistance from the government, they (small and medium enterprises) can rebound like the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes.

YOURSAY | The re-Umnoisation of government agencies?‘Soon, we will have the world-renowned Malaysian kleptocracy, Najib-styled, restored to its full glory.’ In the last 40 days or so, Malaysians have seen the arrogance, high-handedness force and violence that Umno-BN is known for since 2004. This government is not PN government. This government is Umno-BN government. Resign MuhyiddinYassin - You are a lame-duck prime minister.

Antibody test missed Covid-19 infection, contributed to spread in S'wakCORONAVIRUS | Inability of antibody test to detect infections at an early stage is the reason RT-PCR, antigen tests are preferred, says Noor Hisham. Aik why are they doing serologic test instead of rt-qpcr! Serologic test by detecting ab isn't as reliable.

Putrajaya and S'pore at odds over screening for M'sians returning to JohorCORONAVIRUS | S'pore is only doing swab tests for those with symptoms while Putrajaya is requesting for all returnees to be tested. WHO's negligence is the reason why Corvid-19 has become a pandemic. And yet these Perikatan Nasional Malay-Islamofascists and their running dogs who got themselves appointed PM and Ministers by the Agong still want to follow WHO procedures. Malaysians are doomed to death. There's always a price to pay when you bend backwards to S'pore's request earlier. Now, you can take back the workers when they are not needed anymore together with whatever virus for those in Pelangi, Tmn Sentosa, Perling, Johor Jaya etc. Kudos Johor! Yet again Johor suffers the consequences of the federal govt, I sincerely hope that the federal govt has adequately allocated enough resources for this 😠

Nearly 2,000 Covid-19 deaths in US for 2 consecutive days | The Malaysian InsightA Johns Hopkins tally shows the country having 1,973 victims as of today.