COMMENT | A simple apology is simply not enough

COMMENT | A simple apology is simply not enough

23/10/2021 6:11:00 AM

COMMENT | A simple apology is simply not enough

There's no place for abusive, predatory behaviour in our society.

COMMENT | I wonder if I am being out of place and just ‘mansplaining' the issue, but I really can’t help myself.What actor Fauzi Nawawi said on the talk show on Rumah No 107 on Astro Warna recently is a sign of an ingrained endemic in our society worst than dengue or even Covid-19.

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If you aren’t familiar with what had happened, Fauzi appeared on the talk show and described how he prefers acting in rape scenes over robbery scenes when asked by one of the hosts. He continues to talk about a scene he had acted in a movie calledAnak Halal

.He talked about the scene in so much detail from the position of the actress involved, where the crew members were and how he had to control his facial reactions and feelings of lust in order to not show that he was enjoying it too much.The way he was telling the story was so nonchalant and he looked excited. It looked like he had no qualms about what he had done and about what he was saying and expressing at that particular moment in the talk show like it was just another everyday occurrence. Disgusting.

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Bebal Bangang..simple nasib ada crew yang melihat pada masa tersebut, jika tiada apa agaknya akan berlaku..bila dengar dia sendiri yang berscerita… Artist low class! This is beyond dirty men flaunting his pervert fantasy. This is a celebrity glorifying a serious crime. Glorifying a serious CRIME. Malaysia has misogynist issue. Yes. But if he is allowed to get away with this, then Misogyny becomes 'sex crime is not a crime but cool'

Send him to a psychiatrist. Ban his movies He does not see any wrong, has no remorse and will continue with this thinking and behaviour

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