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Clean your house and burn some calories at the same time

Two birds, one stone; Calorie burns, clean home.

19/9/2021 7:50:00 AM

Two birds, one stone; Calorie burns, clean home.

Kill two birds with one stone by doing housework and getting a workout all in one go.

Scrubbing, mopping and washing are great ways to get a workout, with the bonus of having a clean place after. — dpaCleaning your home can burn a great number of calories, making it comparable to a small workout, if not better – though perhaps dustier too, health experts say.

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“An average cleaning session can easily burn more calories than a short exercise session,” says fitness trainer Henri Ciplajevs, who advises those considering a clean-up to not underestimate its value.The best way to go about tidying up your home is to listen to music and dance a little too, so you barely notice you’re cleaning at all.

It’s also a great alternative if you don’t feel like doing a particular sport.After all, it’s better to move in a way you enjoy than to force yourself to do something you don’t want to.In the same vein, he says if you’re aiming to get a flat stomach, you may be better off taking a walk than doing dozens of sit-ups.

He suggests heading out for a walk and some fresh air after work, rather than making a beeline for the couch.Of course, it doesn’t hurt to do a few squats, push-ups or sit-ups in between.Ciplajevs says there are lots of brief moments when you might be waiting around and can squeeze in a few exercises, such as while your coffee machine is brewing your next drink, or during a TV ad break.

When it comes to cleaning, the amount of fat you burn through during simple tasks is surprisingly high.On average, the movements involved in cleaning a window, for example, burn 320 calories an hour when done intensively, according to a German consumer association.

Climbing up and down the ladder, just like walking up and down stairs, improves endurance, while reaching towards the upper part of the window to clean it acts as a sort of stretch.For the lower parts of the window, you’ll have to bend down and then come back up to clean them – not unlike doing knee bends at the gym.

If you want to burn even more calories through cleaning, 15 minutes of wiping burns about 200 calories, while really scrubbing tiles can burn 75 calories for the same amount of time, training up those arms.For reference, these figures apply to someone weighing 70kg. – dpa

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