Citing technicality, Takiyuddin dodges queries on whether King revoked EOs

Minister says he will answer next Monday as ordered by Dewan Rakyat speaker.

27/7/2021 5:53:00 AM

PARLIAMENT | takiyuddin61 has declined to answer questions on the validity of the revocation of the Emergency Ordinances (EO), adding that he will answer next Monday. anwaribrahim claimed that his refusal to answer meant the YDPA had not assented to it.

Minister says he will answer next Monday as ordered by Dewan Rakyat speaker.


First batch of tourists arrives in Langkawi under travel bubble

LANGKAWI: Malaysia Airlines flight MH1432, carrying the first batch of fully-vaccinated tourists from Kuala Lumpur, landed safely at Langkawi International Airport here at about 10.40am on Thursday (Sept 16).

takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Taki u seperti lapdog dan sangat memalukan PAS takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Got cornered n with his pants down. 😀 takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Menteri pengecut, Pembangkang melompat, Parlimen jadi sarkas takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim MalaysiaParliment is a mad house, full of BLOODY fools who don't have integrity as 'yang berhormat' shame to u all monkeys which just loose from PKP LOCKDOWN. The senario is worst then the central market which full of samseng and Taiko!?!

takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Hoi Takiyuddin Malaysia bukan bapa hang punya..seluar dalam hang rakyat yg bayar...apa pula declined nak jawab? Bila ditanya jawaplah bengap. Kalau rumah hang tak payah nak jawap..ini Parlimen bukan rumah gundek hang.. takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim 21st July - Decided 26th July - Announce Nak isnin hadapan (2nd Aug) baru nak jawab? Haloo..ini issue serious!! Inimacam pun layak jadi Menteri ke? Tambah2 pulak seorang peguam...

takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim anddddddddd harini baru selasa takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim uselesslebai takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim FU tak-de-ku-din takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim It is lose battle for the opposition. Tata. takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Lucky he wearing a mask if not he really don't know where to hide his face when Maps knew he lie to all Rakyat about the Emergency Ordinances! Can't answer so.ply question yes or no.. that's the quality of the Minister today!

US will not lift travel restrictions, citing Delta variant, says White House | Malay MailWASHINGTON, July 27 — The United States will not lift any existing travel restrictions “at this point” due to concerns over the highly transmissible Covid-19 Delta variant and the rising number of US coronavirus cases, the White House confirmed yesterday. The decision, which was first...

takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim KerajaanGagal KerajaanCirit kerajaanderhaka takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Tak suka tipu bkn lebai pas takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim no need to answer. we all know agong hvnt give his consent. now just try to buy time. takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Liar aidilarazak takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim bagi PAS jadi menteri undang-undang memang macam ni lah, berterabur

takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim He must resign, he disrespect the king, didn't follow the procedure, ignore law of Malaysia takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Declined to answer 😂😂🤣😂😂jokers takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Still negotiating and thinking how to loop the YDPA in without looking coerced by the PM and his bunch of idiots. Now let the speaker do the bidding for them in parliament. Well done.

takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Good luck, karang jawapan elok2 tau. takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim A Govt that is opposed by the Opposition and 99.999% of the Rakyat. And MPs that 'support' them are conditional. How long can it last ? When Najib lost, he wasn't even as despised as this by Rakyat.

Covid-19: Over 520,000 vaccine doses administered on Monday (July 26)PETALING JAYA: A total of 521,923 Covid-19 vaccine doses were administered on Monday (July 26), as Malaysia maintains its momentum in its ongoing initiative against the virus.

takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Made a wrong U turn oledi. takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Pecat speaker takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim is taki the next king if not now? takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Seminggu utk lawyer dia cari jwpn and derafkan reply 🙄 blh plak minta postpone bg jwpn takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Next Monday.....take ur time

Watch here: takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim 😂 takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Speaker should insist . This is serious question pertaining to country security, safety and emergency law. takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Pengecut takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Saya sebagai rakyat yg amat bodoh.. Apa sebenar law darurat ini.. Maksudnya jika I'm PM one day.. I declare darurat and buat suka hati bapak aku it?.. Saja nak belajar.

IGP: Cops ready for planned protest by contract doctors on Monday (July 26)KUALA LUMPUR: Police personnel will be deployed to monitor the planned protest by contract doctors on Monday (July 26). atas kesalahan apa? buat protes? gila Cops can replace doctors to treat the COVID-19 patients. 😒 kluster raya boleh ter lepas

takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim If Agong didn’t assent or wasn’t aware to the Revocation of the Emergency Ordinance last 21 July, then what would be Agong next move? Would Agong lie to Rakyat for Taki/PN? 🤔 anwaribrahim Least qualified appointed as Law Minister..Threading on errors of ommision n commision in Law..Ambiga_S limweijiet LatheefaKoya KhalidSamad HanipaMaidin LondonLegalUK lawyers4liberty MelGohCNA Reuters BloombergAsia

takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim He needs time to prepare his script. takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim meaning revoking without YDPA consent takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Ey geram aku tgk muka taki ni. Bapak aku cakap korang ni memang betul-betul jahat. Ikut suka ja manipulate and conceal. Tak boleh charge ke dia ni ha

KNN_8211967 takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Tells you his standard after drinking from swimming pool water lah takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Derhaka ke takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim we only want simple answer of yes or no. Apa yang susah sangat? takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Hahaha 🤣

Health DG urges contract doctors not to join planned strike on Monday (July 26)KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama): Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has urged all contract doctors and healthcare workers to refrain from joining a nationwide strike on Monday (July 26). He reminded them that many lives are on the line. alahai DG ni sendiri x nak bg sokongan. Kerah tenaga kan main lg Agreed Tan Sri but if government don't care about the wellbeing of contract doctors, and many promises made but kosong saja.. They work like a dog and sleep like a log without questions of 30 hours on call. Do you expect them to smile and be okay with it? DGHisham You have a permanent job,contract doctors don’t have so you can talk.

COMMENT | How PN unwittingly admitted to abuse of powerTakiyuddin ‘revoked’ the emergency ordinances in less than 30 seconds. cash is king! takiyuddin61 Change your name to Takutundi Is Takiyuddin are Agong?