Developing Cities

Developing Cities

Cities are built from unique, universal vision of life | The Malaysian Insight


Cities are built from unique, universal vision of life

A city that is regarded as advanced takes a human centred approach in its design where the overall psychological, physical and spiritual development of its citizens takes precedence in the overall scheme of things.

I believe the local government in these cities places a significant role through its vision, mission, values and operational excellence that engages the people and integrates citizen aspirations for clean, healthy and aesthetic cities that are human centred, rather than profit centred.

When writing this article, I got a message from resident in Menglembu, Ipoh showing a pile of rubbish in front of the Tamil school.

Are citizens themselves civic conscious and proactive in bringing about changes instead of mere complaints?

Are there channels of communications that shows progress in work being done?

This has been in record the moment local government elections are mooted in Malaysia there is primordial instincts among national and state political leaders that their ethno-religious leadership will lose out.

Therefore, it is time that the local government and its citizens to be empowered to bring changes to our cities.

Creating a vibrant city should be part of education curriculum.

Unless this cultural and structural changes are visualised and implemented, we are not going to reach our potential and continue to argue over the basics of why our garbage has not been cleared from our cities when in reality our cultural garbage remains. – September 10, 2019.

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