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Christian, Muslim leaders remember terror victims at breaking of fast | The Malaysian Insight

Christian, Muslim leaders remember terror victims at breaking of fast


Christian, Muslim leaders remember terror victims at breaking of fast

Iman and priests speak of finding 'common terms' between the world's two largest religions.

Muslim imams and Christian priests share a meal at an co-hosted by Global Unity Network and Christians for Peace and Harmony, at a hotel in Petaling Jaya, today. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Najjua Zulkefli, May 16, 2019.

Event host Global Unity Network (GUN) spokesman Fared Hassan urged those present to pray for the terror victims and others who have been victimised.

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Muslim refugees now feel safer in non-Muslim countries, says Dr MThe prime minister says this is not because of Islam as a religion but because some Muslims push aside the teachings of Islam. Very2 true...very2 true.. The high exodus of Muslims migrating to western countries, the high rate of Muslims going as refugees to western countries are testament to Tun's statement. Most Muslims prefer 'kafir' countries, as how some call it in Msia. The Intelligence on Sri Lankan church bombings has revealed how the network of hate preachers, returning ISIS terrorists from Syria and illegal funds from Middle East, India & Malaysia was responsible. Please YB Tun Mahathir, get our PDRM to monitor activities in M’sia 🙏.

Sri Lanka situation ‘under control’ after anti-Muslim riots | The Malaysian InsightA military official says there had been no violence overnight and rioters have been arrested.

Curfew holds in Sri Lanka province after anti-Muslim unrest death | The Malaysian Insight45-year-old man killed by a mob in backlash against Easter massacre.

Escalating Sri Lankan anti-Muslim riots claim first life | The Malaysian InsightThe Sri Lankan government has declared a second night of curfew while 13 have been arrested.

‘Strengthen Malay-Muslim political agenda’KUALA LUMPUR: Umno needs to further strengthen the Malay-Muslim political agenda in order to remain relevant in the future, said its deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan. I like the Sultan of Johore, not on just race-religion but equal care for all. Shit from the same colon floats together . Snakes and rats in one nest - a Chinese saying.

Sri Lanka anti-Muslim riots kill one despite curfewThe man dies shortly after admission to a hospital after mobs attacked him with sharp weapons at his carpentry workshop. srilanka

In Sandakan by-election, minority Muslim voters set to play kingmaker | Malay MailSANDAKAN, May 11 ― When the Sandakan by-election polling centres open today, the contending parties will hope that they have done enough to win over the voters, especially the Muslim voters. Parti Warisan Sabah together with Pakatan Harapan (PH) and their rivals will be banking on the Muslim...

Sri Lanka anti-Muslim riots kill one despite curfewCOLOMBO: Mobs slashed to death a Sri Lankan Muslim man despite a nationwide curfew imposed Monday night after anti-Muslim riots spread to three distri...

MyKad will tell if Ahmadiah followers are Muslim, court toldSelangor religious authorities are appealing against a High Court decision to stop investigations into a group of Ahmadiah followers.

Sri Lanka blocks social media after anti-Muslim unrestReligion is not a cure for anything.

Sri Lanka town under curfew after anti-Muslim attacksCOLOMBO: Sri Lankan troops in a northern town fired shots into the air and police imposed a curfew Sunday after mobs attacked a mosque, in renewed rel...

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