China govt vessel in Malaysia's EEZ, nears Petronas-contracted ship off Sabah

It is near a ship contracted by Petronas for exploration.

26/9/2021 3:23:00 PM

China govt vessel in Malaysia's EEZ, nears Petronas-contracted ship off Sabah

It is near a ship contracted by Petronas for exploration.

5A Chinese government ship has entered Malaysia's exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and is around 140km away off the coast of Labuan.The presence of the Da Yang Hao, owned by Beijing's Natural Resources Ministry, was first highlighted by Vietnamese observer Duan Dang.

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Invoke AUKUS!!! 💪💪💪 Yo HishammuddinH2O, please tell your big brother get the hell fuck out of here lah. Apa main-main dekat sangat tu. What are you doing? Hisap vape perisa apa tu? Bak abang nak ambil alih bilik si adik, Hishammuddin tali barut China HishammuddinH2O Big Brother come to visit without telling you, what now? Maybe they gonna take a few kilometres of space for them. As little brother, we have to give what they want right?

Malaysia last week: Asks China's advice on AUKUS. China during the weekend: hi. u. No CCP-supporting Malaysian traitors commenting here? You guys should be jumping for joy, no? Your motherland has sent a ship to take you all home! Cuba kapal kerajaan Msia masuk perairan China. Cuba.. Cuba I suggest HishammuddinH2O mention this matter when he reach to China😆

Tomorrow Hisyam will fly to China to ask their view about entering their ships Malaysian waters. Why can’t we have minsters will balls like Duetertte when dealing with China. Challenging our sovereignty where is our 2 SUBMARINE then?waste of tax payer money during NAJIB 9 years scam

China welcomes Huawei executive home, but silent on freed Canadians | Malay MailSHANGHAI, Sept 25 — Chinese state media welcomed telecoms giant Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, back to the “motherland” today, after more than 1,000 days under house arrest in Canada, on what they called unfounded charges of bank fraud. But they have kept silent about...

Who in Malaysia is monitoring the waters for such intrusions? How come these ships are missed? Did China got permission to sail into EEZ. .. Hisham! Is that clown gonna take out his kris Later we will issue a lame statement. Big Brother Langgar Pagar.. What's the problem? Hishammuddin knows everything about what big brothers from China want from Malaysia.

Hubungan akrab yg tak ikhlas ! Bnyk kali dah nmpk kapal china ni masuk perairan Malaysia.. brotherhood lah katakan 🤝

Two Canadians released by China are headed home, says TrudeauOttawa (AFP): Two Canadians imprisoned in what China's Western critics branded 'hostage diplomacy' headed home on Friday (Sept 24) after being released, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

Two Canadians released by China and headed home: Trudeau | New Straits TimesNSTworld Two Canadians imprisoned in what China's Western critics branded 'hostage diplomacy' were headed home after being released, Canadian PM JustinTrudeau said. MichaelKovrig MichaelSpavor Canada Huawei MengWanzhou OMG, Meng Wangzhou released by Canada court then these 2 guys also released by China ! This is really a 'hostage diplomacy' act by China. Just like North Korea did to M'sian diplomat family (Kim Jung Nam case few years ago). A communist will acts just like communist then.

Canadian PM Trudeau says two detained citizens have left China | Malay MailOTTAWA, Sept 25 ― Two Canadian citizens who were detained by Beijing for more than 1,000 days have left Chinese airspace and will arrive back in Canada early today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters yesterday. Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor were picked up in December 2018, shortly...

Don't take sides, Harapan says after Hishammuddin's China remark'We shouldn't give impression M'sia takes instructions from anyone.' Totally on point. Also adding on, why is the defence minister and not the foreign minister talking about issues related to international relations and developments? HishammuddinH2O saifuddinabd Oh, yeah, this statement comes from a political coalition, of which Anwar, a known Western-funded and aligned leader, who have been working hand-in-hand with American subversion organizations for decades. Aukus is irrelevant and a farce. Does PH take orders from the West?

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