Chin Tong: Harapan needs a reset after Malacca defeat

Chin Tong: Harapan needs a reset after Malacca defeat

21/11/2021 3:51:00 PM

Chin Tong: Harapan needs a reset after Malacca defeat

'We must rise from defeat to strategise better for the next battle.'

Nov 21, 2021 12:46 PM⋅:12:46 PMPakatan Harapan's poor performance in the Malacca polls is a battle lost but it does not necessarily mean that the coalition will also lose the war, said DAP political education director Liew Chin Tong.Liew (above


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What about other defeats at other PRNs? No need to reset then? lol Why need to wait until Malacca election result. A total revamp was much needed after the fall of PH as the Federal Govt. It was so obvious and it was written all over the wall. Dont tell us that it was only now the leaders of PH realised this

Any resetting(s) won’t matter much. So much efforts were poured into strategising, yet bears little results in terms of success to garner the votes in PH’s favor. Perhaps the majority of people aren’t radicalised enough for a clean & just governance to rule the country. If young voters voted for PN, then PH can only dream for reforms. As a voter since 1991, very disappointed.

Reset, reboot, reincarnation whatever words you use, it was a blunder by the top leaders to accept frogs. They shd be accountable. Nothing to reset, PH should not have accepted the frogs. Also strategy , without Rafizi, difficult. Well, make sure it reboots. YB.. kalah sungai besar dan kuala kangsar sblm pru 14 ialah 2 thn dan ada masa bleh repair. Ni kalah melaka 2021 dan 2022 nak PRU mau repair apa? Nk repair dh terlewat. Melainkan reset secara radikal Ramai sgt kan mengaku pakar strategi tp semua ke laut dalam.. 🙄

Easier still, Just Switched Off ❎ PH Won on Lies. And Assumption that Rakyat is stupid and has No Memory. Yup, reset indeed. Get more 'Katak Berprinsip' please. Sorry. Not PH but PKR. Don't live in denial YB.

275 tong gas LPG bersubsidi bernilai RM65,310 dirampas - Utusan DigitalPengarah KPDNHEP Selangor, Muhamad Zikril Azan Abdullah berkata, hasil maklumat risikan telah mengenal pasti premis yang tidak memiliki sebarang lesen sah bagi runcit atau borong terbabit disyaki menjalankan pemindahan gas LPG dari tong gas bersubsidi…

Reset to Hopeless ? LiewChinTong Remember what your guanenglim did to poor Chinese UTAR students ? WE DO ! In other words, ineffective leaders should go especially PKR President Halo malaysiakini,please rewrite again and again,DAP and Anwar not wanted in Malaysia including YOU. Harapan needs a reset. Period.

Pls call a spade a spade .. what reset Reset or restructure Liew Chin Tong’s reset means erasing past failures by not talking about it or denying the problems. This is real stupid! Reset is not a strategy. It is a disillusioned to hide issues & feel good. I am ever more convinced pakatanharapan_ DAPRocket will lose badly in PRU15!

Stupid! What reset? You already tried reset & failed! pakatanharapan_ DAPRocket DAPSYMalaysia PH and DAP need real thorough reform and total change of leadership! Those stubborn arrogant leaders including this NONSENSE RESET KING MUST GO if PH and DAP wish to retain its seats!

Umno veteran Shahrir takes a dig at Mas Ermieyati | The Malaysian InsightEx-federal minister says ‘she’s not that great’, following latter’s defeat in Malacca polls.

Unfortunately the things you need to reset are beyond your control. Car windscreen why bigger than a real view mirror, cause u have to look forward infront than look behind. This is the bigger issue why PH always lose the election since last year. Same scripts after every lost. Politicians are funnier than comedians nowadays.

no shit Sherlock Assalamualaikum . Saya jual iphone 8plus tkde yg beli , jdi saya jual phone anak belajar redmi 10 64gb urgent nak pakai duit untuk sekolah anak dan keperluan makan minum susu 😔 RM500 saja hrp sangat ada yang beli cod area kl Hehe.. punca gak ni pun Reset with new vision and new blood pls. Never stray from core values and principles.

I forgot about him. I mentioned that Muhyiddin would wheel out Ong Kian Ming or Tony Pua. I forgot about Liew Chin Tong! Hahahahaha. Like clockwork. Fatuous-Statements from liew dap!

Still too early for BN to decide on going solo in GE15, says Khairy | The Malaysian InsightRembau MP says coalition needs to do an in-depth study on the Malacca polls statistics. Khairi ! BN and UMNO have TokMat , your fears and confusion even drown Whales . Ini Masa BN Tawan Balik kesemua Negeri. Yang risau pi ambik jab booster lagi 2

Malacca polls a lesson for Harapan - Rafizi'If leaders set aside their egos, GE15 will be better.' Pakatan WON'T learn, Rafizi. A katak lesson. Well, at the end of the day, it would be rakyat that have to learn.

Muhyiddin undeterred by Malacca defeat, to remain firm with BersatuBersatu chair claims 'principled' coalition PN can offer better governance. Where can you go? Your coalition is merely a group of a traitorous parties which came together for power and to benefit itselves. Anyone with an iota of principle would not even accept you and your ilk. Mahiaddin is squatting with Pas fanatics who believe in converting Malaysia into an Afghanistan. That's why he got rejected in Melaka Elections. Joke's on you Mahiaddin. 🤣🤣🤣 😂😂😂

Ceramah finale: Harapan, PN hammers Najib and graft, BN touts renewalMALACCA POLLS | Malacca showdown shaping up to be a clash of titans. Titan - a person or thing of very great strength, intellect, or importance. What clash of titans? It's a Pas-Umno-Bersatu gathering thieves and sex offenders. It's a complete waste of Rakyat's time and money.