Cambodia, Covid-19

Cambodia, Covid-19

Cambodia reports three new Covid-19 cases, 96 in total

Cambodia reports three new Covid-19 cases, 96 in total


Cambodia reports three new Covid-19 cases, 96 in total

PHNOM PENH (Xinhua): Cambodia 's Ministry of Health (MoH) late Wednesday (March 25)confirmed 96 total cases of Covid-19 , increasing from 93 cases earlier in the day.

For the 59-year-old patient in Kandal, it said the man contracted the virus from his friend, who took part in a mass religious ceremony in Kuala Lumpur from Feb 27 to March 1.It added that the new patients have been put under quarantine at designated hospitals for treatment.

According to the statement, 10 of the patients -- namely a Chinese man, a British woman and eight Cambodian men -- have recovered and been discharged from hospitals. - Xinhua

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Health Ministry: 172 new Covid-19 cases, death toll now 19 (updated)PETALING JAYA: Four deaths and 172 new Covid-19 cases have been reported, bringing it to a total of 19 fatalities and 1,796 cases as of noon Wednesday (March 25), says Health Ministry director-general Datuk Seri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah. An update to this video: 20 fyi Amount of infected positive esp those on icu hopefully be able to reduce that important what I meant. Lopsided social media reporting esp on Vvip tested positive Covid 19 then entire world's knows. Pls give more encouragement towards our frontrunner much better in reporting. 👉🏼🙏

Korban Covid-19 melonjak 19 orangJUMLAH kematian akibat koronavirus baharu ( Covid-19 ) yang dilaporkan kepada Pusat Kesiapsiagaan dan Tindak Cepat Krisis Kebangsaan (CPRC) di Malaysia setakat ini ialah 19 orang.

Korban Covid-19 naik kepada 19 orang | The Malaysian Insight172 kes baharu, 71 daripadanya berkaitan dengan kluster tabligh Seri Petaling. you gotta stop retweeting day old articles. The facts and figures are changing everyday so you’re just flooding the twitter feed with outdated info. It’s clear the death toll now is at 23...

Covid-19: More recorded deaths bring toll to 19CORONAVIRUS | Total number of cases as of noon is now at 1,796, with 172 new cases.

Malaysia's Covid-19 death toll rises to 19 | The Malaysian InsightMalaysia's Covid-19 death toll rises to 19

Covid-19 catat 19 kematian setakat hari iniSetakat hari ini terdapat 172 kes baru yang dilaporkan menjadikan jumlah kes positif adalah sebanyak 1,796 kes. FMTNews Covid19

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