Bukit Tinggi LRT3 scaffolding collapses, one buried under rubble

Bukit Tinggi LRT3 scaffolding collapses, one buried under rubble

29/7/2021 10:57:00 AM

Bukit Tinggi LRT3 scaffolding collapses, one buried under rubble

The Fire and Rescue Department has rescued two other victims so far.

This is according to the Fire and Rescue Department, which has officers on the scene. Read more: malaysiakini.com »

Don’t fall for scams using images of public figures to sell health products, public told

PETALING JAYA: The public has been urged not to fall for scams over social media which misused images of public figures to sell health products.

This better not be caused by previous government budget cuts that they ended up neglecting the safety aspects of this project. 🙄 condolences to the victims families, may justice will prevail... 😢. UPDATE | A construction worker has died. The contractor responsible for the affected stretch of construction apologised to the victims & the public. The incident was characterized as an “accident”.

Where is the senior works minister? Still meeting at PM residence? There is a serious mishap happening. When the country's political situation is uncertain then this kind of things might bound to happen as there is no check and balance and people in authority are busy polishing 🍏 as they need to secure themselves. It is a pity that lack of enforcement contributed to this situation

This cannot be classified as accident anymore...its time to relook at the law now. Investigate and a much severe punishment must be imposed. Owners and Contractor must be blacklisted for a period of time. Suspend their license. Lately ni banyak accident at Construction sites Kan.... Hari Tu highway How many more of this accident got to happen? Negligence Contractors & Owners are always allowed scot-free with fines. We just don't know when can our Govt and Enforcement Agency will seriously act on those irresponsible Contractors and Owners. Can they take this seriously?

Doomed We are doomed That's what happens when in lockdown, maintenance workers all at home...

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Like t govt bangsat ni care ke? Train crash, next door can't close now this AskRapidKL ? 😭😭😭😭

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