Budget 2020: Syed Saddiq wants RM6 billion to create 350k jobs

Budget 2020: Syed Saddiq wants RM6 billion to create 350k jobs

9/10/2019 3:51:00 AM

Budget 2020: Syed Saddiq wants RM6 billion to create 350k jobs

The minister also seeks to raise the minimum wage, provide more funds for women and para-athletes.

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Delusional. Mr U turn Young ciku still a long way to earn more experience....I begin to have doubt on your capability. Good la kid minister woohoo 🙌 What can this boy create? Create Jobs with $? Shld bring more investors into our country ... Ko ni menteri kementerian apa? Menteri mat rempit ke? Before jadi Minister, why dont mentioned it you actually need 'monies' to create the jobs for youth? Dasar kerandut selit tepi.

So you going to be next billionaire in Malaysia. Clearly Now you are training your self to get duit poket from Tex payers. Actually when you guys going to work honestly? 60 years have passed and never change. 10% of 6b= 600 million..thats a awful lot of money he is trying to steal why does this young turd step on other people's toes!'

Could the colossal allocations be provided?🤔😱 Use ' Aladdin's Lamp'..Very much conforming to the fantastical suggestions and request..Please emphazise on education to the future generations..I mean the right useful real world practically sane education..If not the Great Doom is forseen 4 Msia..chedetofficial maszlee

Tak tolong Utusan ker? tiadamaruah. 😂😂😂😂 I wonder what is PH council meeting for? What is the point blasting in the public if not for one selfish interest? Can’t it be discussed in the council? Agak2 projek ape yg KBS nak buat untuk bajet 6 billion dan bole buat 350k job.. Maybe satu lagi company yg buat mcm food panda dan grab.. Dan satu lagi brp NPV untuk belanja 6 billion tu.

It's like giving RM100 to 12yo, whom will use the money to top up credit for mobile legend. Do not risk it! Why need to create jobs? We are overloaded with foreigners, should do a research on this and ensure locals getting the job opportunities. And yes salary should be revised as well. Lol... food panda wayang habis.. now wayang 6bil...

Natural & sustainable job creation should come from the private sector. Jobs are created due to demand & supply of services and products needed by the consumers 😇😃💰💰 To create jobs, syed will need to atttact investments from corporate sectors and not asking for the government. U think this rm 6 b belongs to your dad?

SyedSaddiq you been binging on some weed or ketum lately. Your job scope doesn’t match what you preach lately. Stick with what you are suppose to do ! You are starting to sound like a BN minister What happen to the 1 million jobs being promised earlier...? 🤔 if he can create massive fake twitter followers' accounts; surely he knows how to create fake jobs with no-brainer phoney economy stimulus, anybody with 6b can do that, no rocket science. The bigger question now is integrity.

Siapa appoint dia jadi menteri? That’s the big question! Ask Najibo he has some serious dough Tuan Syed Saddiq, baik tuan ambil alih portfolio Menteri Keusahawanan dan Menteri Sumber Manusia. Tambah lagi 10 bilion. bangsa sendirik merosakkan bnagsa sendirik.....bangsa laen senyap jer tkda apa2 kenyataan pung.....adakah...ada hidden files nk lingkupkan perpaduan dan keharmonian sesama sendiri....huhuhu

Salam.yb boleh keta berjumpa.untuk saya memberi sumbangan kepada kerajaan.. Chinese saying, young calf, doesn't know about tigers yet. Creating is easy, sustaining it is a different animal again. Semua kementerian dia tapaw. Gigih betul Is this guy sports minister or job creating minister I can see mat rempit lining up at your house for the billions

Its time for you to hire consultant and adviser. U r good whistleblower but dont really understand how the things works You can have 6 billion RUPIAH. SyedSaddiq What an insight! The focus should be on skills and competencies that our youth need to compete today and tomorrow. Our education system is doing inadequately. Work with MOE and MOHR. Create competent workforce for the long term, not short term stuff.

That's $17.1K per head... all gung-ho but lacks substance. Another UMNO mentality minister. Ini kementerian sumber manusia ye.. Ye ke

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