Better to sanitise more than sanitise less, says Zuraida

Better to sanitise more than sanitise less, says Zuraida

31/3/2020 7:15:00 PM

Better to sanitise more than sanitise less, says Zuraida

CORONAVIRUS | Better to disinfect more places than to risk missing some areas, says Zuraida Kamaruddin.

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Better be a clown than being a minister, say what? Did you sanitize yourself? Priority. Heard about this word? Ni lagi satu. Bye felicia. Oh hello Menteri! Maybe the disinfectant used are just plain soap mixed with water We have a Minister with chip on her can we expert her to serve the nation!!! PM, please get a competent 'servant'

zuraida_my I think u should resign.. Dulu dan kini sama je, mmg x bole pakai Ang ang ang Zuraida sucked in PH. She’s even worse in PN. Haizzz Yes agree. TSMY should sanitise his cabinet and get rid of tellytubby and dorraemon She must have been misquoted being interviewed in a Hazmat suit... a consumate politician is every bad sense of the word

Used your own money to santise more okay? Plus nak sanitise no need ramai orang tengok, that's consider mass gathering dah. Someone please take some action to her. BODOH BENDUL GOBLOK NENEK MAK CIK KIAH kalau buat begini baik juga YB. zuraida_my ybz99 kpkt_gov MuhyiddinYassin Lots of folks are saying we shld not respond to zuraida_my : but we have not forgotten her khianat and that video of Bye-Bye singing with other Pengkhianat goons

Tolol hanat! Dont waste gov money. If your money, sure you can.. Apo lahh. Best for her to sanitise her mouth lah spray mulut dia dulu better!!! LMAO. Aiyoo mak cik kiah pegi jaga cucu sudahlah biar kkm uruskan So did your sanity get sanitised away? Lagi berserabut aku tgk muka dia skang...hehe...amek ubat..

I would like to sanitize you But do u zuraida_my realise that we have limited resources! Per WHO it is not airborne! So it shall be applied on the surfaces touched by many!! This is not the time for your cheap publicity But do u ybz99 realise that we have limited resources! Per WHO it is not airborne! So it shall be applied on the surfaces touched by many!! This is not the time for your cheap publicity

Another contender for the lord of the idiots... The only suitable place for sanitise more is over her face. Too much repair needed😜😜😜 zuraida ni sejak dlm ph membawak ke pn bengapnya... First tngok dia ingt makcik kampung dtg bandar nk minta bantuan beras direct menteri... Badak sumbu nak ambik publisiti sembur air.

Is she an expert? Or just in defrauding voters? Sanitise your brain of UMNO infection Yes but roads....trees? Sanitize something that makes sense U pay sure can. Semoga Allah S.W.T. turunkan bala & penyakit kepada menteri2 Malaysia seperti ybz99 agar dijadikan iktibar utk semua menteri2 lain yg berkelakuan hodoh spt beliau... Amin allahumma amin..

*facepalm* Genius! More to sanitize, more money exchanging hands... Adelah monyet monyet yang akan ambil kesempatan Ada yg kena sanitise pakai kahak kat muka ni kang. Better to go through the backdoor than not going through at all? Should clean your mother fucking face first Really heartache to see how incompetent minister spending or rather wasting tax payer money. If you don't know what to do, please don't do anything like this to pour the money down the drain.

Betul tu tp atas jalan raya, tepi longkang xpayah la sanitise Ehh menjawabbbb!!! Cover line..dah kantoi 😆 Nak panggil Lembu Bodoh pun kena fikir 2 kali juga! please go back and stay at home... don’t waste people time She needs to resign because she makes no sense Acara menteri sanitize pakai pam racun berbaris sembur jln 🤣..klu dh mongok tu mongok gk laa mak lampir zuraida tu..majlis bandaran kajang xda lori pam sembur air ker siram pokok hari2 tu kasi modified sembur sanitizer lak..apadaa mak lampir kitul ngokngek..

Stupid malaysiakini didnt google is it? Why Italy, Iran, China all did the same thing? Read below lah anwaribrahim before you ask you lapdog media to attack. malaysians ASTRO covid19malaysia Please ask her to do this first... yah.. but you need to exercise common sense lah. Sanitize commonly touched surfaces lah. Don't waste time and resources on the roads. Goodness... what kind of minister have we been gifted with? *pengsan

Aku harap semua penyokong BN, PKR, Bersatu, DAP, PAS, Amanah, GPS, Warisan, UPKO dan lain-lain sepakat untuk tidak bekerjasama dengan geng Azmin Ali dan Zuraidah ni pada PRU akan datang. Send to zooooooo Simpan bodoh tu utk ur next gen boleh tak zuraida Example of ignorant Malaysians, refuse to listen to people who are expert in their field

Biarlah ikut cakap kementerian kesihatan kat mana yg perlu sanitise... bukan ikut kepala hotak menteri bodoh tak ada fungsi ni. Dia ni dari zaman PH dulu tak reti buat kerja. Sentiasa dgn idea yg tak ade faedah. Do they realise we can never get rid of it anymore? It’s just impossible. Divert your funds to research and drug trials and finding a vaccine instead.

Sanitise more pn agak2 la.. Be more efficient la.. Dont be more stupid.. Ini Komen apa Ni ? Belajar sblum ckp Semak la dia ni. Nak jugak lawan yang ada ilmu bab ni Kalau suka main sembur² ni pergi kerja carwash sana. Ministers hired based on skills and experience ? Coz she is clueless and has no experience at all. Might as well hire a SME in the relevant field to be a minister...

Not all more is good, sometimes moderation is the key. When idiot start to defend their every act as rightful one.... Of course if we're filthy rich like Saudi. Then charter some planes and then spray from the top like they do in fightinf forest fires. How many more shameful blunders by Ministers do we have to bear yet? Let’s see what have we got so far: Minister Air Suam, Minister Kereta Terbang, Minister Minister Fogging Virus?

Gi la balik mandi dulu jgn wekeholik sgt 🤭 This is a waste of resource. Instead of 'more', we should optimize. There is no end to stupidity... Menteri yg banggang membazir duit... More 'bengap'pun more jugak.... zuraida_my moklampior jgnla membazior, dengarlerrr ape kkm ckp Yes, I will consume a dozen panadol, than usual 2. Eat more better la. Very sad to see a lot of politicians never admit to their mistake, never said sorry, never corrected their ridiculous statement.

Adoi MuhyiddinYassin It's official !!! She's high SharaadKuttan imokman NatAsasi sanitize your heart first Which begs the question why she didn't bother to sanitize her brain? 1. reezalmerican72 umnoonline 2. DrAdhamBaba umnoonline 3. SitiZailah PASPusat 4. RinaMohdHarun PPBMofficial 5. Zuraida_My ybz99 PENGKHIANAT KEADILAN KerajaanPintuBelakang MuhyiddinYassin PPBMofficial 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Double down on jadi bodoh Better not to waste money and resources zuraida_my kpkt_gov Sanitize muka kau please Why not sanitise your brain than give better suggestion .. But less stupid also better than more stupid MENTERI PALING BANGANG DALAM MALAYSIA... CERITA BERAPI KERJA SAMPAH!! Sanitise human being, not streets you dumbass. Wasting money!

This picture , does it not redefine social distancing ? Or ppl just don't take a damn ? Alhamdulillah.....Makin lama makin terserah tahap kebodohan dia..teruskannnn a.k.a 'Whack Only, Bro!' Aduhhh muka dia ni lagi Dengar nasihat, kalau degil nak keluar rumah juga sanitise seluruh badan She must have failed her Pareto class or law of 80/20 🤔

She has a brain of a pig If you didn't open your mouth, I think most people wouldn't have thought you were such an idiot. And then there's the kind of sanitisation that works, and the kind that's useless. Don’t forget the back door Pls convey my message to her and tell her to stay home. bodoh! bodoh! bodoh! stupid, stupid, stupid. Bak kata Diva AA

Dia ini sumpah bahalul la SMLJ WSmunkit I don't see the purpose of wasting the fluid to disinfect a surface where no sane human would touch with their hands. It's indeed a waste of vital resource. Gimmicks in times like this is highly unacceptable. useless! Can never argue with a person with limited logical thinking. She can never understand a multi dimensional arguement. She can only understand, buat atau X buat. Apalagi buat lah! 😂😂😂

Aiyoh look at this minister... can’t even get the point !! Does she know what she's talking ? I doubt. So we should also sanitised the jungle. Or the sea. Cause more is better. Please, now u finally see the job she is qualified for hahahaha zuraida mak lampir is a 🤡🤡🤡🤡 Degil plak Menegakkan benang basah

Sufficient allocations should be provided for the needful. MuhyiddinYassin she is a mockery to your cabinet. Please ask her to stop giving comment or replace her with a better candidate. Even when medical experts say it's a waste of public funds (the rakyat's money)? No How to sanitize our parliament ? Sarin comes to mind

Sanitise otak la dulu. Zuraidah bahlol Zuraida should read all the comments below and think hard.. She should just stay the fcuk home n don’t do anything else. Stupid distancing is what we need from her Pengkinat Haha wear up that funny looking astronauts suit like her Stupid 4Ever yo all✌️✌️✌️...bangang!

Better use Sanita than Stayfree at home😊. Kalau bodoh sila duduk rumah More than wrong How about the menteri PPE? Did she apologize for seeking cheap publicity when medical personnel desperately needed the PPE? Sudah2 lah zuraida....buaat org nampak kita bodoh jerrr... Yes, bcoz it s not your parents money.

Sbb tula pentingnya Education. Oh yeah! Hw much more? 10x 20x 30x more. Fuck statement Siapa dapat kontrak sanitize ni, zuraida_my ? Don’t be too arrogant. You are not the expert in this field. Please listen to the HM DG and other medical experts. Batu api Just cut the crap and admit it is for cheap publicity at the time of crisis...

Makcik.... you need to sanitise your own brain then can talk to public. BTW, where is your white PPE? Waste of money of tax-payer!! The incompetence......... Klu yg bodoe menjawab .. mcm tu la jawaban dia .. Sanitise otak kau tu sikit makcik nyah virus 🤣🤣🤣 Honestly better to talk less than to talk more. Let the professional handles the pandemic. DGHisham KKMPutrajaya MuhyiddinYassin YAB PM tolong issue a directive to your Ministers dont talk what they dont know. coronavirus Malaysialockdown

Agree Don't be stupid zuraida. Read up more why people sanitize the roads. You are totally a kampong girl. In our hot weather you spray whatever u are spraying for what? And all these project sembur I am sure given to your cronies. Yes but avoiding almost to sanitize everything because it will hit the economy

Yeah if we got enough but fact is we are lacking these items. So please use on right ways. Hello madam you missed the point. It is not about sanitizing 'more' or 'less'. It is about 'where' to sanitize. That shows...... 🤣😂 Better to use the resources to clean toilets, Mak Lampir. I will never understand how idiots like this can become ‘leaders’. I mean why would anyone even listen to her, never mind vote for her? I’m all for women leaders, but dear god, she’s just so stupid. Cancelled.

Of course 'more' is better but it has to be placed into the right context. We've limited resources fighting this and if you still insist for 'more', then you must define what notion the 'more' is bearing as we can't simply disinfect the entire roads and lamp posts. Or can we? Oops..I forgot to sanitize my brain..becos busy hooked on talking unprofessionally about sanitising..Zu free Rider loosin it..

Die sembur nyamuk ke ape tu? better sanitise yourself X Kira PH atau PN menang PRU15, Janji rakyat tendang Pengkhianat taik Zuraida and Azmin. Jgn Lupa Pengundi Selangor ! Teach them a lesson Fogging or sanitizing ? Mosquito or virus ? Bagus sanitize lubang jamban Can’t you let expert to do their work? Don’t try to bullshit when you’re screwed!

Hmmmm sanitise awan dan langit lah klu begitu. Haha sapa dpt job ni Paranoid Da silap mengaku je Sanitise langit Nk berpolitk pun pada2 la jgn membazir Dah sanitize otak ke blum? Sanitize at proper place..chemical can cause cancer. U shouldn't used sanitize on ur hand only, apply it on and in ur head too! Damn what an intellectual 😍

'Better sanitise more than sanitise less' It just like to be more stupid than less intelligent. Biar bodoh lebih baik daripd kurang akal.. Lepas tu kena ada tanda 'MENTERI' kat topeng muka.. Wtf wrong with u 😄 😄 👍 🤟 What kind if statement is this, look at the level of quality of PN ministers, you are going to get more and more of ridiculous statements by this cabinet. First was warm water, then doraemon and now more is better...🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Bila dah mabuk kuasa, begitulah jadinya, sama mcm orang mabuk todi. Duit Rakyat tu boleh sanitize Menteri Doraemon pun Kahakah... Pentaik. alang2 nak bodo biar banyak2 Berook No need to read further after this part Melawan pulak kata pakar & kkm mak lampir aka teletubies zuraida_my nie. Sijil tipu lah semua tahu ko IQ low, bak kata DivaAATersohor u r not his level. Adik semburit AzminAli itu. 501Awani bernamadotcom milosuam melisa_idris AbdMalekHussin

Er, but sanitise places that make sense la? Kenapa bangang sgt eh? Jalan raya tu ade org cium ke? Pastu bazir PPE nk photo op. Hey, resources are limited. You're a non essential person. Stay at home lah Bangang You came late..patut dah buat awal Ha menjawab la, menjawab. Ketegaq. Kos 'sanitize more' tu guna duit hang sendiri ka

Better to sanitise smart than sanitise smart-less Resources are limited , so is time in this fight . Don't go sanitizing the sky, the roads, the trees and drains. Focus on human contact areas ketegaq, xnk dgr ckp pihak professional. jgn buto phegot sngt. ak panggil dato' rizalman tabuh ats kpla br tau. 😂

Ni ke makhluk yg berbalut putih, tertempek perkataan 'menteri' tu?.. wajah sebenar lg menakutkn... So. Better drink air didih instead of air suam. Backdoor doctor’s order. Work smart la. More if it doesn't work, membazir and could've been used somewhere more important, for what. Sanitize banyak biar pada tempatnya. Sanitize banyak tapi di tempat yg x sepatutnya, itu bangang namanya

In that case use a helicopter to sanitise la

Waqf system a better modelNSTletters Many sectors are experiencing problems. The worst hit are the airline and hospitality sectors. Some airlines, such as Singapore Airlines and Qantas, are reportedly asking thousands of their employees to take unpaid leave. I still can guess what building it is. 😂

Ramadan bazaars will be held with better management: Annuar MusaPUTRAJAYA: The management of Ramadan bazaars in the Federal territories will be modified from this year to prevent congestion at the stalls, said Fede... I think to be safe sir. No need to have bazaar ramadhan this year so that we can enjoy hari raya better. Please do not take any risk Rural folks can't cook?hmm I thought most of them at home only

Better air quality since first phase of MCO, says Tuan Ibrahim | Malay MailPUTRAJAYA, March 31 — The enforcement of the first phase of movement control order (MCO) on March 18 until yesterday has not only helped to break the chain of Covid-19, it has in fact reduce environmental pollution as well, said Environment Minister Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man.  This... What is Tuan Ibrahim trying to prove? His intelligence? Saying something which is obvious. Oh wow. Who knew!?!?! Can’t tell. Stuck at home.

Covid-19: Is a homemade face mask better than nothing at all?NSTworld “It’s not clear whether homemade masks would reduce transmission, there has been very little scientific research on this topic” Covid19 Coronavirus Facemask Homemade Paris Any mask will reduce your chance to touch your face - hands to face transmission

Kedah public disinfection exercise kicks off in two districtsALOR SETAR: Public sanitising and disinfection exercises have begun in two Kedah districts covering 15 public areas in attempts to curb Covid-19.

Air quality improving since start of MCO, says minister | The Malaysian InsightLess vehicle exhaust and industrial stack emissions leading to less pollution, says Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man.