Bersih concerned over politicians plastering their faces on Covid-19 relief items

Bersih concerned over politicians plastering their faces on Covid-19 relief items

1/4/2020 12:02:00 PM

Bersih concerned over politicians plastering their faces on Covid-19 relief items

CORONAVIRUS | The electoral watchdog also questions whether government funding was abused.

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Monyet bawa lari sampel ujian Covid-19 Saya tak keluar parti, masih ketua Wanita PPBM, kata Rina Harun YOURSAY | ‘Nice try, Daim, but we don’t buy it’

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MalaysiaKini zaman sekarang ni makin haprak eh sumber berita? Macam ke arah yellow journalism. Sampah gila berita. DAP no? News shit Put aside the politics plz!!just help with no hidden agenda.befrank Apa salahnya..Ada juga derma dan siap tunjuk kat tv, video n youtube lg! Ada yg live. Sama jer. Terpulang kpd mereka. Apa yg penting ikhlas menyumbang!

Bersih also not Bersih anymore, so no need to complaint la... MB kedah tak nak tunjuk ke Malaysiakini tiada integriti kewartawanan... Bersih fuckers Wahhhh lengkap dahhh nie...semuo parti ado...hahaha. End Game for BERSIH yg KOTOR...hahaha MSKINI kaki sokong Bersih dan anti PN. Guys just support Astro Awani as out 1 News Source.

Bersih Tu Kotor. Kalau PH buat dihalalkan? Aiyo, Msia sudah banyak sampah! Please save the environment! Jangan buat sampah lagi! Back to all those nonsense backdoor politicking. Ish.. Alaa org yg dpt mknn tu xtgk pon gambar sapa yg melekat kat situ. Yg pntg dpt bantuan. Alhamdulillah.. Anuar musa again,this kind of open publicity happen in India, to buy them

Bodoh punya , berat sebelah!!! Kalau tak BERSIH, PATRIOT...diorang ni siapa sebenarnya? Memang berkuasa sangat ke dalam Malaysia ni? Semua nak kena follow telunjuk diorang ni? M’kini rasanya lebih baik tutup sajalah. tali barut komunis ke yang buat berita berat sebelah ni? Msiakini takde kerja lain. Nak provoke netizen kerjanya. Gambar tu kan gambar lama masa muda. Sekarang dia dah tua!

Show off will drain down your image... can you be humble Ini semua trending.... Be a neutral side and tell the whole story mkini_bm 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Where is bersih Bersih lancau kau lah bersih2 This is ridiculous... true good will is done without expectations and recognition. Third people are disgusting.

Enough with campaign Buying vote at crisis time. No respect at all. Cheap skate Utk perhatian yb2 youngsyefura AnnuarMusa this is really in such bad taste. Obviously has no shame or sense of dignity. So sad we have these guys back in. raishussin Your comments is not helping Ah yes, propaganda. The money this ding bat spends to print his face can be used to feed the homeless. Then again, he will say the photo was sponsored.. and if only he had half the brains.. that is against the MACC Act brederrr!

alah bodoh Bersih ni. Masa bu election, you became blind with the rampat vote buying and express project allocations. Cheap political publicity stunt..only the dumb will fall for this cheap thrill. They know very well tht people has no choice but to take the rations, hence they stick their moronic photos there...

They could put President Trump's face or even Kim Jong-Un's for all I care. As long as people receive food and necessary supply, that should matter most now. This is not a political campaigning season. Distasteful, I'm out of words. Like that fat lady hindering the professionals as they do their work. All for a photo op. Not even ashamed

Masya'allah Y do politicians print their step on it and burnt it. No sincerity in whatever they do.... Everybody will take opportunity bloody bastards.. others are dying He think its election time is it ? We are in the middle of a national emergency man! What's wrong with this a-hole? Waraskah ?

Donno what YB is trying to achieve. hidup lg bersih2 rupanya Muka penyapu🤣 ikhlasnyee Kalau diizinkan, boleh tak tampal poster dia di loji IWK, lori SWM, papan tanda tanah perkuburan, tandas awam dll. Ada juga cadangan tampal gambar kecil kat tampon! Kita fikirkan lah lain2 cadangan baik. This is good for target practice. Or someone may reuse the plastic bag to fill it with manure.

PN stopped everyone fr doing charity drive directly to ppl in need and yet they allow themselves to plaster their backdoor thick skin faces on donated items? This stupids will never change. 😂😂😂😂😂 Lembu punya susu kambing dapat nama Did he pay from his own pocket? If not.... How to take ownership for items he never pays for and never owns

mkula SPRMMalaysia MuhyiddinYassin SPRM should now start their work on all the donation who plastering their faces on the items. We public which to understand whether this is government 's donations or individuals own pocket donation's. Appreciate SPRM could kindly investigate Money that could have been used differently. Vain realpolitik.

how about this? Muka tembok biasa laa si nuar musa tu..wat jamban pn nk tampal muka dia gk klu bole..mongoks..😂 Nanti org pijak plastic ITU pun tak bagus kut! Kenapa just letak gambar sumbangan AnnuarMusa ..dia bukan tak ada stok gambar pemimpin parti PH..Bersih + Malaysiakini = Make Malaysia Jahanam Again

annuarmusa you use taxpayers money to promote yourself ? My money Duit kerajaan ke duit dia?kalau duit dia biar dia lah..kalau peruntukan dari kerajaan korang faham² sendiri lah, masing² da besar No worries all of the packages are thrown away after emptying them of the contents. Their faces land up in the garbage where said musangs belong 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Relaks la BERSIH. No election now. Its not like those receiving the aid will keep the plastic packaging. PH did the same things last time, u keep quite. That is even worst during by election. ugly move again. Stop all these...doesn’t matter any political parties, this is not the time 🤦🏻‍♀️

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