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Be prudent and avoid paying extra interest to banks | New Straits Times

#NSTletter News reports have highlighted the issue of whether #banks should offer interest-free loan #moratoriums to customers during the #Covid19 pandemic.

30/7/2021 8:36:00 PM

NSTletter News reports have highlighted the issue of whether banks should offer interest-free loan moratoriums to customers during the Covid19 pandemic.

I would like to share two strategies when it comes to approaching loans. As a consumer, bankers advise that you settle your loan as soon as possible to reduce the total interest payable to banks.

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Unimap becomes first public university to conduct research on hemp cultivation

ARAU (Bernama) - Universiti Malaysia Perlis (Unimap) has become the first public university in the country to conduct research on hemp (a member of the cannabis sativa plant) as an agricultural product with the potential of being economically developed in the future.

What choice do we have other than what the banks offer just to buy some time..

Laos preparing to reopen tourism under 'new normal' | New Straits TimesNSTregion The Laotian Times reports that the announcement was welcomed by the tourism industry in the country as the sector had grinded to a halt since April due to the pandemic. Laos Covid19 NewNormal Pandemic

New Zealand top Olympic rowing table as Brit campaign sinks | New Straits TimesNSTsports NewZealand soared to the top of the TokyoOlympics rowing medals table on Friday as a brutal inquest began into Britain's collapse following a disastrous regatta for the powerhouse nation. Tokyo2020 Rowing OlympicGames

Majority of new Covid-19 cases are Category 1 and 2 patients | New Straits TimesNSTnation More than 90 per cent of the new Covid19 cases reported today are in Category 1 and 2, in which patients only display mildsymptoms or none at all. coronavirus Malaysia

Pos Malaysia names Charles Brewer as new group CEO | New Straits TimesKUALA LUMPUR: Pos Malaysia Bhd has appointed Charles Brewer as its new group chief executive officer (CEO) effective from August 1. No Malaysian capable dah ke? posmalaysia MuhyiddinYassin chedetofficial tzafrul_aziz Where’s all our young, educated & talented Malaysians? Not good enough for Pos Malaysia I guess all good malaysian went abroad

47 new Covid-19 clusters detected today | New Straits TimesKUALA LUMPUR: The Health Ministry detected 47 new Covid-19 clusters which contributed to 1,784 new cases nationwide today.

Aidiladha visiting leads to 3 of 36 new clusters today | New Straits TimesNSTnation The Health Ministry today detected 36 new Covid19 clusters, with three of them related to visiting activities during the HariRayaAidiladha celebration on July 20 last week. coronavirus Sy tidak percaya anda lagi DGHisham slps ape yg berlaku di parlimen arini..😒🙄 Who that?