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Be cautious and heed the new normal in Langkawi | New Straits Times

#NSTletters Instead of continuing with #business as usual, #safety and #health have become even more paramount under the #newnormal.

20/9/2021 7:48:00 PM

NSTletters Instead of continuing with business as usual, safety and health have become even more paramount under the newnormal.

In October 2016, I attended a three-week course in Langkawi with participants from other Asean countries and qualified as one of the two Asean Master Tourism Trainers for travel agencies in Malaysia.

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Nur Sajat residing in Sydney suburb, seeks to start afresh

PETALING JAYA: Controversial cosmetics entrepreneur Nur Sajat, who is being sought after by local authorities is currently in Sydney, Australia.

Asean manufacturer hopes CanSino Covid-19 vaccine included in Malaysia’s booster programme | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Sept 20 — Solution Group Bhd (SGB) hopes the government would consider including the Convidecia single-dose Covid-19 vaccine as part of the booster dose programme. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Solution Biologics Sdn Bhd, is the Asean manufacturing partner for CanSino Biologics... Nabi Muhammad SAW berkata kepada Qasim 'Kamu akan menunjukkan kepada seluruh dunia apakah Islam sebenar yang saya telah laksanakan 1400 tahun yang lalu dengan pertolongan Allah.” Qasim menjawab, “Ya In syaa Allah, apa sahaja yang engkau perintahkan' - Sebilangan sarjana Muslim dari Malaysia & Indonesia mendakwa bahawa mereka menjumpai Imam Al-Mahdi yg ditunggu-tunggu. Mereka mengatakan bahawa Mahdi adalah Muhammad Qasim, yg terkenal di media sosial mengenai mimpinya tentang Kebangkitan Islam & Pakistan.

Kuala Kedah - Langkawi ferry service to resume next week | New Straits TimesNSTnation The ferry service from the KualaKedah Ferry Terminal to Langkawi will resume operations on Sept 23.

Two tourists denied entry into Langkawi | New Straits TimesNSTnation Police barred two female tourists from entering Langkawi for having incomplete Covid-19 vaccination certificates. SOP domestictravel coronavirus getvaccinated

Looking for better performance from new administration | New Straits TimesNSTopinion In just over three years, Malaysians are 'lucky' to have the luxury of experiencing four different governments. Administration Government Malaysia Now, the billion Ringgit question is, during which time did the country prosper and the Rakyat was taken care off? 🤔

Fully vaccinated returnees can apply for home quarantine via new portal tomorrow | New Straits TimesNSTnation Fully vaccinated Malaysians and foreigners returning from overseas will no longer have to send emails to apply for their home quarantine.

New SOPs for the fully vaccinated at Sabah non-Muslim houses of worship | New Straits TimesNSTnation The Sabah government has updated the standard operating procedures (SOP) for non-Muslim houses of worship which will come into effect tomorrow (Sept 20). coronavirus covid19