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Sihat, Covid 19

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#sihat #covid19 PKRCs Megaklinik Zahran tempatkan pesakit berisiko rendah, kurangkan kesesakan pusat kuarantin awam

20/6/2021 10:16:00 AM

sihat covid19 PKRCs Megaklinik Zahran tempatkan pesakit berisiko rendah , kurangkan kesesakan pusat kuarantin awam

MEGAKLINIK Zahran menjadi klinik swasta pertama di negara ini membuka Pusat Kuarantin dan Rawatan Covid-19 (PKRCs) di Nilai, Negeri Sembilan minggu lalu.

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Annuar Musa issued RM2,000 compound notice for violating SOP

KUALA LUMPUR: Tan Sri Annuar Musa has been issued with a RM2,000 compound notice for violating Covid-19 standard operating procedure (SOP).

Covid-19 (June 19): 5,911 new cases, June death toll crosses 1.5kThere were 72 Covid-19 deaths reported today, bringing the June death toll 1,552. Total fatalities in May was 1,289. The overall death toll now stands at 4,348.

Covid-19 (June 19): 5,911 new cases, Selangor highest in a weekSelangor recorded 2,111 new cases, the highest in eight days. berjayanya kerajaan malaysia Biz suffering......cases not getting less quickly.......the treatment is worse than the disease almost total lockdown but cases still are high. Can someone from KKM please enlighten on why is this since almost every business other than essential are not in operation on site. Totally bewildered.

Covid-19: 331 PwDs receive vaccine in Kuching on Saturday (June 19)KUCHING (Bernama): A total of 331 persons with disabilities (PwDs) from around Kuching received the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine on Saturday (June 19), says Sarawak Welfare, Community Well-being, Women, Family and Child Development Minister, Datuk Seri Fatimah Abdullah. I noticed one thing. When the registration is about 13mil, the % is about 48%. Now already over 15 mil but the % dropped to 46%。What happen ? Look at total registration and its %. Why number increase from 13 mil to 15 mil but % drop from 53% to 46% ? Population of Malaysia had increased ?

Covid-19: 164,282 vaccine jabs given on Saturday (June 19)PETALING JAYA: Malaysia administered 164,282 doses of Covid-19 vaccines on Saturday (June 19). Great news keep it up Khairykj Senior citizen here waited 116 days till today yet no appointment.

‘Happy Hypoxia’ among younger patients contributes to increased Covid-19 cases, says Health MinistryPETALING JAYA: One of the factors contributing to the increased number of severe Covid-19 cases is 'Happy Hypoxia', especially among younger patients, says the Health Ministry. Muhammad Qasim shared his dreams about warning of future events with Government officials, and Muslim scholars, but not many paid attention. Then after a terrorist attack in 2014, Prophet Muhammad SAW came in his dream twice asking him to share his dreams with the world.

Global Covid-19 death toll exceeds 4 million - Reuters tallyExperts say the toll is likely much higher due to undercounting in official tallies. Faucism vs humanity Too late for Malaysia to catch up now...