Ban on gathering: Govt fears facing Malacca voters, says Guan Eng

He accuses Khairy of taking over the role of the EC.

24/10/2021 2:54:00 PM

Ban on gathering: Govt fears facing Malacca voters, says Guan Eng

He accuses Khairy of taking over the role of the EC.

Oct 24, 2021 11:47 AM⋅:11:47 AMDAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has accused Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin of banning physical gatherings and social events related to the upcoming Malacca snap polls because the government fears facing the voters.

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Lim (above) said his party condemns this ban, which also includes the launching of parties’ election machinery starting Oct 25 to Nov 27.“The ruling parties in government may be fearful of facing the voters for...Unlocking ArticleShow your support for robust journalism

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Sulaiman reports for duty as Melaka's 13th Chief Minister

MELAKA: Datuk Seri Sulaiman Md Ali has begun his official duties as the 13th Chief Minister of Melaka at his office at Kompleks Seri Negeri, Ayer Keroh here.

rajiv4malaysia Muhammad Qasim a blessed Muslim, has seen Prophet Muhammad SAW in his dreams more than 300 times, and communicated with Allah SWT more than 500 times in dreams. I think Muhammad Qasim is the awaited Imam Al-Mahdi, although he does not claim this. yes agreed , fear of you launching your manifesto in PRNMelaka , wont be a surprise if you pledge a direct bridge from melaka to the USA in your manifesto

pls ban all kind of wedding, school,meeting, agm and aktiviti sembahyang... menteri kayu Ban gathering u say is politics 🤦🏻‍♂️my god…please lah, stop talking. U really are a hyprocrite. Now you say ceramah, gathering are banned... It's double standard that its so transparent... I feel nauseated, 🤢 People are commenting later got cluster, but you need look back... When the people were not vaccinated back in Sabah... The GOV had been advived not to do it... And all hell broke loose... When the people came back from their place of worship during the holy month... Some refuse

LGE should just resign from DAP. Let others go up. You're holding the party down. All politicians are showing off their true colours by being solipsistic and pococurante of the public health apropos of the re-emergece of a new wave of COVID-19 Better follow Jib way of using social media la. Better be more logical and scientific minded wei...

NgaKorMing Nobitas logic wrong move lge. be ready for rejection in the next ge.

Faizal: PN will back govt even if it clashes with Umno in Malacca pollsPN loyal to govt even if it clashes with Umno in Malacca polls - deputy chair This fellow is pretending. With GPS withdrawing support for Bersatu, Bersatu can now close shop for GE15. They will get kicked by Pas and Umno.

MuazFadhli Sembang lah ahli silap mata terowong nii.. Saksi utama kes kau terjatuh bangunan weh Human lives are more important than anything else n the said virus could cause havoc in the community. On line ... Do your mega ceramah at FB Live as so that everyone can listen it at their comfort from their home. NewNormal

The ban is to avoid another Covid19 explodes, u think PH will sure win? Think again DAPig tu memang la DAPig kan? Otak kosong suka fitnah cangkal je apa yang kerajaan cakap Come on YB guanenglim, I can’t afford another lockdown. Meet voters online. If schools n IHLs can, why can’t you. Rubbish BA.. Kalau ADA orang hantar itu covid 19 semasa PERHIMPUN an mcm Lim?

DAP lawyers to look into ban on gatherings ahead of Malacca elections | The Malaysian InsightTeam to study if restrictions are lawful, in compliance with election rules and regulations, says Guan Eng.

No mass Gathering Pls 🙏🙏🙏🙏 😌 learn from Sabah Prn 😏 Dalam keadaan sekarang lebih penting Selamatkan Nyawa Rakyat Dan Ikut S.O.P. Terbaik Kenyataan KKM. Save Lives,Ceremah can wait. Wise comment should be, air election campaign through RTM What about Friday prayer? It is also gathering but is allowed. No difference at all!!!!

Govt will be stupid annoying govt. But this is not so smart from our dear LGE Mall can go, wet market can go, worship places can go, Najibs gathering can go, restaurant can go, golf course can go, only ceramah cannot go. Totally disagree with guan eng… the ban is to prevent covid variance spread Lim Guan Eng himself fears to face DAP Malacca members that he had to run to Penang! DAPRocket DAPSYMalaysia pakatanharapan_

Orang melaka undi je calon bebas. LGE, you are showing the true colors of yours….. nothing matters not even the risk of the safety and lives of the rakyat

'Govt may consider extending home ownership campaign to secondary markets'This will provide a wider range of properties for housebuyers, says Deloitte.

What are the values in a ceramah? Please do not protest everything just because you're in opposition. If the gathering banned is applied for all, I don't see any issue of unfairness to anyone. Of course, what else could it be? If the crowds at the malls seems to be okay, why can’t an outdoor ceramah be held?

Haram bodoh la dia ni ...nampak sgt political gila babi.. NgaKorMing Like father like son..dumb Ohh gosh seriously? I expect more from DAP. Don't politicize it! We don't want a repetition of Sabah election Wtf I don't think ban on gathering is an issue with Covid is till remain as a threat to the country. Shame of you if you want to political the issue. Do you think Malaysia can afford another round of after effect from Election (e.g. Sabah Election). Think for the country not urself.

Kelantan govt to table 2022 state budget on Dec 2KOTA BARU (Bernama): The Kelantan government is scheduled to table the 2022 state budget on Dec 2, says state assembly Speaker Datuk Abdullah Ya'kub.

Now everyone can see what is more important to him and his party than people health. Crazy la this men...why is campaign more important than peoples health and life? To be frank, can't you do zoom/ Google meet gathering to tell your lies and all the promises that Will never be realize Safer for all of us

Diam la penghasut guanenglim Melaka voters have seen how traitors robbed pru14 I support the move to stop any campaigning. In fact, any statements from politicians on this implementation provides the people a glimpse to judge them and their priorities Rasanya dia takut jd mcm PRN SABAH kot Diam la guanenglim . Nampak bodoh disitu

Is winning election more important than peoples' lives? Has he forgotten about Sabah election? this is by far the most stupid statements from guanenglim . cibai🤬🤬

PN-Umno clash won’t affect loyalty to federal govt, Faizal says | The Malaysian InsightDeputy chairman says coalition places ‘full trust’ in Ismail Sabri’s leadership.

Just stop saying dumb stuff 🙄 Stop freaking politicizing everything. The ban is prevent COVID clusters from emerging. On one hand PH buat semakan undang2 supaya tidak ads pilihanraya untuk elakkan penyebaran Covid. On the other hand now buat this statement nak kempen sebelum hari penamaan calun yang semua tahu akan menyebabkan penambahan menyebarkan Covid. Full of contradiction. Cibailah lu!

Acknowledge the public health dangers of political campaigning and rallies instead of trying to run down the ban. The new normal also applies to politikus types as well, bro. Get with it! Dont be selfish la bodoh. Only think about yourself and never the rakyat. This just show ur in the same boat those UMNO, PAS assholes. U really think ur gatherings can help you gain votes?

Mat ni memang kurang ajar. Nak takut apa? Ada hantu ke Kat Melaka tu ha ha Khairy Jamaluddin is worried. For whom will Khairy Jamaluddin campaign for - for Mahiaddin or for Zahid Hamidi and Najib Razak? Is that the reason why Khairy Jamaluddin is blocking rallies? Mamat ni gile ke? X dpt iktibar dri prn sabah?

Kelantan govt to table 2022 state budget on Dec 2 | Malay MailKOTA BARU, Oct 24 — The Kelantan government is scheduled to tabled the 2022 state budget on Dec 2, said State Assembly Speaker Datuk Abdullah Ya’kub. He said the date had been forwarded to the Sultan of Kelantan, Sultan Muhammad V, last week for his consent. It will be tabled by Menteri Besar...