Bajet 2023: ePemula For Youths To Make A Return, Now With RM200 E-Wallet Credit

7/10/2022 2:27:00 PM

#Bajet2023: #ePemula For Youths To Make A Return, Now With RM200 E-Wallet Credit

Bajet2023: ePemula For Youths To Make A Return, Now With RM200 E-Wallet Credit

At the tabling of Bajet 2023 earlier today, Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul announced that the ePemula program for youths will

be making a return.Subscribe to our new Telegram channel for the latest updates and stories.Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia until April parliament today , Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul has announced that the government will continue the My50 Unlimited Travel Pass to alleviate the burden of transportation costs by commuters in the Klang Valley.

While the program will continue to provide free e-wallet credit, the amount that eligible individuals will receive has been changed though.Specifically, they will be provided with an e-wallet credit of RM200.Share your thoughts on TRP’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.As a comparison, those who were eligible for the original ePemula program earlier this year received RM150 per person.The Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia is currently offered by most local telcos including Celcom, Digi, Maxis and U Mobile, with 20GB of data valid for 3 months.Not only that, the amount that will be provided for 2023’s ePemula is two times higher than what the government has planned for the new ePemula M40 program which was also revealed.The 2022 ePemula.Image: Rapid KL / Facebook in January 2022 as a replacement to last year’s My30 pass.

Similar to this year’s edition, the free e-wallet credit under the ePemula 2023 will be distributed to youth aged 18 to 20 years old..In addition to that, the benefit will be made available to full-time students aged 21 years and beyond.ADVERTISEMENT Given the increased amount of credits that will be provided by this year’s program, the same applies to its cost as well.While the original implementation involved RM300 million, the government is allocating a higher budget of RM 400 million for the ePemula 2023.However, Tengku Zafrul did not provide any in-depth detail regarding the program during his Bajet 2023’s speech.ADVERTISEMENT It is also worth noting that your myKad or MyTentera card must have a minimum of RM 55 onboard in order to complete the transaction.

There was no mention of a rollout date or official e-wallet list although, given the vast amount of things that he covered during the speech, this does not come as a surprise.The official e-wallet services that were chosen by MoF for ePemula 2022.If you need a comparison though, it took around five months for the Ministry of Finance to reveal the official list of ePemula’s official e-wallets earlier this year.The rollout eventually.

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