Azmin denies he brought family members on trade mission to Europe

PARLIAMENT | His denial came after being questioned by RSN Rayer.

7/12/2021 12:24:00 PM

Azmin denies he brought family members on trade mission to Europe

PARLIAMENT | His denial came after being questioned by RSN Rayer.

PARLIAMENT | International Trade and Industries (Miti) Minister Azmin Ali has denied that he brought family members with him on a trade and investment mission to Europe last October.His denial came after being questioned by RSN Rayer (Pakatan Harapan-Jelutong) on the matter in the Dewan Rakyat today.

“Every expense in the Miti trade mission is in line with financial procedures and protocols because...Unlocking ArticleRead more from this author


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Aiyoh, this Speaker!!😣 Trying to subvert the role of MPs in ensuring transparency & accountability via Parliament. Kudos to these MPs who are actually doing their job. Sembang lubang pungkoq la hang ni Cerita baru ke? News ke? Kan biasa cam ni? Sy xtau mcmn mereka blh sampai sana sbb Sy pegi sana sorg je xbawa pun dia org

same when u denied the sex tape with haziq. what gives Malaysia Boleh kan Will respect you Azmin, if you can proof all with their passport showing to all nampak seperti keluarga saya, bunyi seperti keluarga saya, tetapi ia bukan keluarga saya Saya mencari orang yang berminat nak Belajar MANDARIN ONLINE🍊 Mudah untuk berkomunikasi dengan rakan sekerja dan customer. Dapat international certificate ✨ Whatsapp saya

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Forever in denial n only the passports are able for confirmation. Got picture all still deny. But hey, picture for him means nothing since it's always not clear enough. His video in the hotel also cannot spot if it's him. Elusive as hell our MITI minister. UK OR EUROPE? His family brought him!! If found untrue I really hope that he will be referred to the Committee of Privileges

siapa ada gambar saltbae? Dia tak bawa … mereka yang ikut sama Check all passports

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