Anwar most qualified to lead opposition - Batu MP

Anwar most qualified to lead opposition - Batu MP

28/11/2021 10:05:00 AM

Anwar most qualified to lead opposition - Batu MP

'There's no candidate with more calibre and influence than Anwar.'

Nov 28, 2021 7:01 AM⋅:7:01 AMOpposition leader Anwar Ibrahim remains the most qualified person to lead Pakatan Harapan, said Batu MP P Prabakaran.This came after calls for the PKR president to step down as opposition leader emerged due to Harapan's poor performance in the recent Malacca polls, which saw the coalition winning only five out of the 28 seats contested...

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Entah la, nak tau qualified ke tak buat la iq test😭 Agreed ... he is qualified to lead opposition, but not the government. Let him stay as opposition leader. Batu MP is correct, that Anwar will never become PM. Full stop. I suppose the question should be rephrased as 'If not Anwar, then who'? Does this show up the paucity of talent in the Oppo? Where are the Oppo's 4G & 5G leaders? Why are issues such as succession planning & leadership renewal so difficult to resolve?

qualified or not, why not test it publicly? like that the public will know for sure whether he is the one. best, go to contest the seat where his primary competitors/opponents are incumbent representatives. but he has a chronic issue, no balls. Anwar already pass his time... DSAI showed us he's weak as a leader this 2 -3 years. He looked weak by Azmin and the gang in 2019, persuit PM position claimed with fomidble numbers last year(which turned out nothing), and the list goes on. He's already 70+, he needs to retire!

Very qualified cause he can lead PH to win 🥚 seat in GE15 and continue to be the leader of opposition until he die, so damn qualified 👏🏻👏🏻 Forever leader of opposition 😂 anwaribrahim The question is not about if he is the most qualified, I am sure he is and I am a supporter. The real question is, can he win enough votes for PH? If he can't, then being most qualified is not the answer that PH needs.

With KEADILAN and pakatanharapan_ as well as DAP still in denial, I am convinced PH will lose badly in GE15. PKR and Amanah will be almost wiped off and DAPRocket will be halved! All the semi-urban and rural seats will fall! DAP will struggle to defend their seats in cities! the best for me is limkisyang. the ph will know tru colors of limikisyang, and down u go, praise to goddess

Salam reformasi DSAI berjuang untok Rakyat LTL True for your party, but not for the country. Can’t help people becoming the Barking PIG if you really ‘look’ at his face anthonyloke limkitsiang guanenglim Reminder : Learn how to behave your DOG‼️ 🙂💪🇲🇾 Saying Anwar is the most qualified after decades at the helm speaks volumes about the state of PKR and PH alike. Where are all his mentees & proteges? Many lost faith in him over the years. Some quit, some switched sides, some disappeared. All he has left is Farhash. Doomed.

You must be really high on something. Can’t you see the track record? Time for AI to pass the torch to the younger generation. He cried wolf too many times and now he looks like a joke. He can lead but not a PM candidate. DSAI PALING BERSIH SEMUA DOSA DOSA BELIAU SUDAH BERSIH DAN BERTAHUN TAHUN MENARIMA HUKUMAN PERBUATAN FITNAH SEKARANG ALLAH MULA MEMPERLIHATKAN APA BERLAKU PEMIMPIN BUAT BELIAU TERSIKSA,

Anyone else in the list? Anwar need to realised his dreamt to be the PM is not in this life! maybe his children?

Mp batu ni cerdik orgnya.ada class. nope To be honest, PKR has really bad management, even DAP got many young capable leader and pushing them like Anthony Loke, Hannah Yeoh, Yeo Bee Yin and Gobind Singh etc. But where is Nurul and Rafizi from PKR? Why always Anwar only? Lead opposition to losing next GE also is leading ma... its a matter of perspective... the Melaka and Sarawak election will give you a good idea.

If you wanna embrace youth voters then you must also appoint a young strong voice as a leader. Lead to where? Since 2018 how many by elections hv ph won? You think you can make any inroads in sarawak? MSabu_Official is the best choce..!! He's handsome and funny.. If after so many years, still Anwar is the most qualified, it means PH's culture is not welcoming qualified leaders and not able to nurture new qualified leaders. Shame on PH. When Tun M in his 22 years BN PM, he was also the only 1 qualified. Are you sure?

..and the result will be the same. AI was there in PRU13, PR lost. In PRU14 he wasn't there with the crowd, PH won. Things would have been better if the leadership was left in the hand of Wan Azizah. She's clean and more respectable and without controversy. He's entitled to his own perspective.

Lokeing u straight Praba👍💪 Remain as opposition then. I don't think so. anthonyloke is the suitable candidate to lead. prabakaran_p115 Good Praba! Those asked DSAI to step down, who is the new one? Give name, finger pointing is easy game. This person working hard to save the country. Those Aim for power and money, please choose other Party. PH is not for money material Leader.

I'm more concerned on the party's position rather then the leader.