Anwar: Bring back parliamentary debate to check power abuse by gov't

Anwar: Bring back parliamentary debate to check power abuse by gov't

1/6/2020 10:31:00 AM

Anwar: Bring back parliamentary debate to check power abuse by gov't

Opposition leader says people 'who are unfit' to lead were given positions by the PN government.

-Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim today urged for parliamentary debate to be held in the Dewan Rakyat, saying that absence of the session during the last sitting has prevented MPs from questioning alleged abuse of power by the government.Anwar, who is PKR president, claimed that people "who are unfit" to lead were given positions by the Perikatan Nasional government.

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Sabar la woi pengundi_sedar Mampus pi la peduli apa.kau ingat lepas ni nabi2 yang lompat masuk lubang taik pH dapat jadi kerajaan ke?haha bubar parlimen la lepas ni tgok dap Dan pH celaka komunis cina bangsat pendatang celaka dap menang ke tak.celaka puak2 dap anjing anuwar dan sadiq kerja dia nak bedebat, memey tak dinafikan dari sekolah mereka ni jguh berdebat, tapi itu bukan granted utk anda boleh jdi menteri yg baik. kerajaan bukan medan utk berdebat, pemimpin kena bawa idea dari bottom to top. klu top to bottom, tu yg keluar melyu malas

Do we really need this at this time. Can't it wait till Covid-19 crisis over? anwaribrahim Right, I think this should be your new approach. Talk more of national issues, be energetic, be visible. People need to know you are equal or better than the top rank. You need to touch the heart of common people. Oh, one more thing. WA destroyed PH. Master it!

There's also power abuses by 22-months old PH government that's starting to unravel. Rakyat want both investigated. Like the power abuse of PH's finance minister to the judicial system kah? Power abuse like that lapdog Tommy Thomas a.k.a Mohan taking orders from his Chinese boss with regards to criminal cases?

anwaribrahim mungkin kali ni penuh la kehadiran ph kan Which means that anwaribrahim wants MuhyiddinYassin to remain PM until the day Anwar Ibrahim dies. What a bloody joke Anwar Ibrahim has become because of his greed to become PM. That's why Anwar Ibrahim must never be allowed to become PM. anwaribrahim

'Harapan++' thinks it's on the cusp, but Dr M vs Anwar still a sticking pointANALYSIS | The poser remains the same - who will emerge as primus inter pares (first among equals)? They’re also constantly putting each other down. Saying one is power hungry and the other does not want to adhere to the agreement made. It’s obvious this was a marriage of convenience, and now the whole house is shattering. Just move on. Sometimes divorce is the better path. PKR, DAP and AMANAH have no choice but to wait for BERSATU to implode on the current issue between Tun and PM...once bitten twice shy...🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏾‍♀️ There is no Anwar vs Mahathir... it’s just Anwar for now. Mahathir has his chance and he shit the bed...

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Umno mahu Dr M ketuai kerajaan perpaduan tanpa DAP, Amanah, Anwar | The Malaysian InsightNamun sokongan ditarik balik apabila Dr Mahathir mencadangkan kerajaan perpaduan semua parti yang melanggar persetujuan awal, kata Ahmad Zahid. Hahahhahaahhhhahahaha. Dah gelabah teteeeeeeeek!!!! 😂😂😂 hint Sampah

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Who is Harapan Plus' PM? PKR leaves it to Anwar to negotiateHowever, a party leader says: 'We are very firm, at this moment, it must be Anwar, there is no one else.' Come on Anwar. Next step on you. Inilah masa paling sesuai This only means trouble is brewing in PKR between anwaribrahim and his running dogs and pro-Mahathir PKR MPs. Anwar Ibrahim is forever the troublemaker. So nothing to be surprised if Anwar Ibrahim jumps into bed with MuhyiddinYassin so that he eventually becomes PM. Calonkan Mukhlis lah