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Fmtnews, Pkr

Another PKR MP to quit party

It comes just a week after the defection of two PKR MPs accelerated the downfall of the Mukhriz Mahathir administration.

22/5/2020 6:38:00 PM

It comes just a week after the defection of two PKR MPs accelerated the downfall of the Mukhriz Mahathir administration. FMTNews PKR

It comes just a week after the defection of two PKR MPs accelerated the downfall of the Mukhriz Mahathir administration.

-May 22, 2020 11:37 PMPKR, seen as the lynchpin of the Pakatan Harapan coalition, has suffered a string of defections since February.PETALING JAYA: A PKR MP is set to become the latest to quit the party, in yet another blow to the party’s chances of restoring the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition to federal power.

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Party insiders told FMT that the MP had been keeping a low profile since the collapse of the PH government in February, which also saw a purge of supporters of former deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali from PKR.Azmin and several MPs had defected to lend support to Muhyiddin Yassin to form the Perikatan Nasional government, with the backing of Umno, PAS and GPS.

It is believed that the MP would announce quitting PKR tomorrow. FMT is withholding the MP’s name pending confirmation.The same source told FMT that PKR could see “several more MPs” becoming independent.“Most likely these MPs will remain as independents. Either way, it is a blow to Anwar Ibrahim and PH in their quest to get the numbers to return to power,” the source said, referring to the PKR president who is also the current PH chairman.

The move comes just a week after two PKR assemblymen in Kedah announced their exit from the party, accelerating the downfall of the PH state government under Mukhriz Mahathir.Mukhriz resigned as MB just days after two PKR assemblymen – Robert Ling (Sidam) and Azman Nasrudin (Lunas) – announced quitting their party to be independent members friendly to PN.

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Traitors like that lah pkr should contest the least seat in GE15. too many frogs tht entered after 2008 GE. 113+1=114now special minister perhaps ? Always from PKR Hep hep hooooreyyyyyyy.....Reforbasiiiii....Reforbasiiiii....hahahaa yg keluar pkr u cant be free party all the time. xkuat. later kene choose jugak. lg la tersepit. masuk PPBM u r no boday, under PN small voice. hahha.. next election this guys is out

Time to kick out the dirty MP This is Anwar fault... Kau masuk jail bertahun2 Azmin la yg memperkuatkan grassroot PKR... alih2 kau kuar dr jail kau lantik bini sendri jd TPM Proxy kau... pahtu kau cantas caras kepimpinan Azmin n sekali kepala Azmin kau nak penggal... kau igt kau masih lg pegang watak HERO ke

This bleeding in PKR must stop.Already bad for the image. Big reward waiting. Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought. ~ John F. Kennedy~ B4 internal crisis Members were OK, sorry later Bn being KO, esp Pkr mindsets gradually changed, asked by election 4 what those voters just to follow the wind. Worthless votes

These are of course the people that put self interest over the interest of people. Else why would they want to suddenly party hop? Time for PH to consolidate: 1. Repel the selfish 2. Regroup the coalition 3. Recruit new bloods 4. Rejuvenate with new ideas 5. Re-strategize to win GE15 To win people’s votes, you guys in PH need to show a united front - ‘PH United’ perhaps?

jonsnowlan Wow Quit as MP. Quitting the party is a betrayal to the mandate and the trust given by the people. Then again can't expect these motherfuckers to understand. They are a bunch of low life ingrates. Hey dapmalaysia... this is true of ur 'prophecy' 'retak menanti dibelah'. What is that a blow may I ask? I call it cleansing which should have been done long ago. Be afraid of enemies within your fold

Politicians if fortune Example of peoplo without any moral & without principles. Good riddance Special Envoy in waiting... Another cartel or just some asshole These fellows are not on their working desk but busy with their hand set...the raayat should be careful in future...their votes is very crucial....they are free to create hall or heaven within 5years...we just sit and see

anwaribrahim fahmi_fadzil saifnasution probably mariachin and SivarasaRasiah next two to quit PKR. Both are aligned to Azmin. If tianchua was a MP, he would have betrayed PH as well - they don’t need Tian Chua for now. Let these lalang quit so next GE we’ll know who need to be fed with kapur. Salah Najib lg kaa! HAHAHA

Bastards...should be shot dead... CA$H IS KING!!! Oh crap, who's it anwaribrahim fahmi_fadzil saifnasution Azmin proxy still there..just wait for nxt instruction to create instability within ph and pkr..pbbly former leader of bersih? Hoi hoi ya hoi Who is the dog ? Better now than later fahmi_fadzil siapakah?

Spring cleaning! Another 10 million ringgit for PKR

Tian Chua says up to PKR to decide fateThe PKR vice-president says he has already responded to the show-cause letter. Really? You decide your own fate... either you are loyal to the Party or you resign... Go lah.. Follow yr boss Azmin• Isn't it funny when Azmin leaves you in the wilderness to fend for yourself? As he did Baru Bian and Maria Chin. Has he been in contact with all of you recently? PN is known as a pro-Malay coalition. And so... What now? Some hard self reflection will help.

PKR rep denies 'Rawang Move' speculationChua blames 'Umno blog' for rumours of him stepping down from his Rawang seat so Anwar can become S'gor MB. If any more of these elected men cross over they should be tossed out in the next election!👺🤮👺🤮 Macam2 la pkr ni... jangan jadi langkah kajang 2.0 pulok...

PKR senator calls for snap pollsGEORGE TOWN: A PKR senator has proposed that snap elections be called once the Covid-19 pandemic has settled into a more manageable level. Yusmadi Yus... Wishful thinking. If only...

Baru Bian: PBB dominating GPS, other parties should consider quitting allianceSelangau MP claims Abang Johari's party is holding most positions, making decisions without consulting others. Same just like Gerakan already quit BN. Now left MCA and MIC. hannahyeoh MCA and MIC nit relevan anymore in Malaysia....... jasonbhlee 🤣🤣🤣🤣 LMAO

'Unlike Hussein Onn and Abdullah Badawi, Muhyiddin yet to prove majority support' PKR MP Fahmi Fadzil points out it has been 82 days since Muhyiddin's appointment to the country's top post. That can wait.. IF HIS HAVE THE MOJARITY? THAT YOU GUYS CAN STOP DO THIS PLEASE DON'T BE TOO SELFISH... Ada ke?

Bersatu MPs who sat in Opposition bench should lose membership, says Wan SaifulThe Bersatu Supreme Council member says that such a move would be in line with the party's constitution. He is MP of which area? Kata wansaiful yang kalah dan telah ditolak oleh rakyat dalam PRU yang lalu di Parlimen Pendang. Sampah! P stands for many words these days.