Americans Elect First Ever (Known) Kingdom Hearts Fan To Congress

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Americans elect first ever (known) Kingdom Hearts fan to Congress:

Normally digging up a politician’s old tweets is a source in either boredom or frustration, since—given their advanced age—manypoliticians by the time they began using the platform.when he wrote that Tweet. Just a regular guy, doing what we all used to do on The Hellsite, namely sharing little snippets of the people and things that we love.Frost ran because the incumbent, Democratic Val Demings, vacated the seat to try and challenge Marco Rubio in the Senate elections.

WE WON!!!! History was made tonight. We made history for Floridians, for Gen Z, and for everyone who believes we deserve a better future. I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to represent my home in the United States Congress.”Kingdom Hearts


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About to be as useful as Donald healing

So what kingdom hearts dead game

Don't forget to mention his Hentai Haven account

Can’t wait to dance on your cancellation kotaku 😘

sad thing about this is that too many people actually vote for this not for his politics or for what he stands

I'm shocked to discover this isn't AlexaRayC

And he’ll use the power of light and friendship to save this country!

Ig this is the only news u have?

I thought that was the weeknd for a second

I thought this was a HardDriveMag post at first

If he can understand KH, Congress is gonna be a snap.

I thought you already posted about this?

And with that Kingdom Hearts 4 comes out earlier than expected!

zero respect for some zoomer. congress is a joke if a 25 year old can be elected

Why is that relevant?

Maybe democracy is a mistake after all

People have hobbies and they like stuff, even politicians. Hardly something to write news articles about.

Almost certainly not the case at all

First course of action is probably find & arrest anyone who slanders/slags off Kingdom Hearts then deport them off to Uzbekistan or something.

i doubt that he was the first Kingdom hearts fan ever known

Nothing good comes from Kingdom Hearts fans

imagine being the first ever kingdom hearts fan AND being in congress, this guy has it together


To date, I still don't know the main drama of kingdom hearts

aoc not a Kingdom Hearts fan?

That's a better headline than calling a young millenial a Gen Z, TBH

I was excited till I saw he was a democrat

Politics (and gaming) was a mistake


Mickeys plan begins

They also elected Master Xehanort.

Ok if he can figure out the plot of that series..... Maybe he can figure out how to get congress to do things.


What are his policies? Policies people policies, not being relatable because he plays a video game you like.

Our country is screwed

AlmightyStross Well, they'll have an easy time navigating all the confusing traditions and lore of congress.

I'm sure the convoluted nature of KHs plot prepared him well for the clusterfuck that is US politics.

Laws about to get even more confusing

LurkingVanitas you're a congressman?!

Ok and?…


Oh no

Okay I wasn’t MAGA before but THIS may be what puts me over the edge

i hate all of you

Impeach now

ToonRami for congress

The first good politician

Now he'll make laws that make just as much sense as Kingdom Hearts

So...his proposed bills will be overly complex and his own fans won't be able to explain them fully?

We’re fucked

Woah I didn't know the Weeknd like Kingdom Hearts.

ByYourLogic your influence

Time for some simple & clean politics

Inb4 he tries to make the US like Org 13

It must suck to be a generic yt dude who can't explain the polar opposites of either political theories.

If the dude looks like xehanort we fucked

That will surely help.


SpikeyValentine congratulation

That’s the weeknd



We are fucked

lord heavens no.



He'll do well - 500 page bills are still easier to follow that the Kingdom Hearts plot


Literally_CamYT YOOOO

I don't care how much of a fan this guy is. Are they gonna raise the wages or not


Ok but which is more complicated the legal system or kingdom hearts lore?


Marko00808740 He’s the first ever known kingdom hearts fan


No one cares

Oh god please help

I thought this was a Hard Drive headline for a sec



Dear Kotaku: Please just rebrand as the political site you want to be & stop pretending you're a gaming site You're not fooling anyone. You're pissing people off & driving them away. If you become the political site that you want you might stand a chance Signed Everyone

society is doomed

This is why you're a joke Kotaku 🤦‍♂️

Next you’ll be telling us that they like Final Fantasy as well. How does a congressman liking a game remotely have anything to do with politics?

Oh no.


We’re doomed eightbitmav

I highly approve 👍🏼


Thatta boy!


Finally someone who will represent Gloriousroyalty's interests

Is this canon?

Weekend ?

DustinCanFly what have you all done?

Ah yes, in a world of political strife and social tension, we can always count on Kotaku to serve up an article with the philosophical insight of a drooling weasel.

We are really grasping at straws for news stories aren't we?

About time someone with a heart got elected

'Did somebody mention the Door to Darkness?'

Horrible news.


Take it to the heartless republican

I see this as bad news. It's cool he likes games but he's got bad taste

Italy already had a Final Fantasy fan. We are way behind

Kotaku posts first ever (known) important news:

Congress looks like a good place to find some ingredients.


FINALLY some reperssaiton

Does he like everything after BBS? If so he's not a true KH fan.

mepfel_soze PAtB_1992 it's over

This country’s going to hell

I read this as this dude is first ever Known Kingdome Hearts fan. Like no other KH fans have ever been recorded.

stop to make bullshit about videogames, pls, THANKS, ur opinion have 0 valour, try to play any game, and dont make shit

we fucked up

Stop destroying the video game industry with wokeness. Shame on you for criticizing SquarEnix for their Final Fantasy 16 art direction.


This is the kind of headline I'd expect on an Onion post

no way

NoponDigi masterkahrol _apolo13_

If he start talking about Kingdom Hearts in congress - we all in the SHIT

Finally some good news

Ohh no lol.

What do you want a mickey mouse cookie?


At least he has experience with convoluted BS.

thiiNL kkkkkkkk

Thank god actually. It's not like it's impossible heartless could overrun the entire US if they wanted to

Finally some good news from America

Ah yes, journalism.

This is why America is done

Maybe if we start talking about using the power of friendship and light to resist the Israeli occupation he'll be convinced that Palestinians are actually human.

My dumbest though that Pic was the Weeknd

Now give us Kingdom Hearts 4

DustinCanFly a good Kotaku headline?

Oh, thank god! Now America is saved!

He's gonna Nort all over the United States and I'm HERE FOR IT

Ok, but he might have to explain kingdom hearts to people

When’s the first bloodborne Fan gonna be elected tho


Exav_T ?

You’d swear this was parody but it’s not


alyma_ren :o one of us


Big history when famous people was a Kingdom Hearts head became politician in USA.


Kotaku getting worse with every story.

This is what will destroy America


I would have believed this was a Harddrive headline

It’s a sad day in America when we elect someone who unironically likes Kingdom Hearts (lol congrats)

Massive L

wmvnotmp4 Sonofmeh L or W?

We’re doomed.

HMKilla WE’RE IN!!

He'll draw on his vast lived experience of Donald not healing correctly to fix our healthcare system.


Oh, shit, it's Xehanort.

Holy fuck, Gigabased!

Biden fucks with Sora. Trust.

tmw he uses his congressional powers to execute his plan to Nort the entire Congress body to control the U.S. from the inside out

God saves us all


They elected bruce nobody?

His policies are on point it seems!

mistakes were made

But can he explain the plot to me in under 10 minutes. I've played every game and I still don't get it 😂


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