'Almost half of self-employed lost jobs, financially not ready for MCO extension'

'Almost half of self-employed jobless, financially not ready for MCO extension'

9/4/2020 9:32:00 AM

'Almost half of self-employed jobless, financially not ready for MCO extension'

Statistics Dept survey finds self-employed to be the worst-hit by the economic downturn.

-Almost half of all self-employed Malaysians have lost their jobs and are financially not ready to face an extension of the movement control order, according to a survey by the Department of Statistics. Read more: malaysiakini.com »

For thr joblesss...i suggest goverment to give jobs that they can do from home (e.g. making PPE) materila to be supplied of course, and being paid by the number of PPE produced. The more they produce rhe more income they get....Win-win... Tq wuhan. So You Rather Let Them Work, Then Spreading The Virus To Others. I Know Financially Is Going Down, But It Will Come Back Up Soon.

They’ve never been poor or have forgotten MuhyiddinYassin The self-employed group is the worst hit by this senseless curfew imposed by these thickheaded the Perikatan Nasional Malay-Islamofascists and their running dogs who got themselves appointed PM and Ministers by the Agong. Why are these fascists forcing Malaysians into poverty?

‘Malaysians need to be ready for post-MCO’KUALA LUMPUR: Preparedness for the new norm will be crucial to ensure Malaysians are ready in the post-Movement Control Order (MCO) phase. The special... amiraiman0 wei baca ni dri sudut psikoliji..cm nk tngok pulak live ni I just need to be ready to get out of bed

Get your mind ready today for post-MCO | Malay MailAPRIL 9 — Break glass in case of emergency, the notice read! Seriously folks — as if it’s not serious enough without the reminder — don’t panic in these testing days.  If the information you possess is not comprehensive or reassuring, it’s not you as much as the situation’s... From now onwards, it has to be a collective effort. Care for each other, for community, for country. For the greater and common good. We have to realise we are only as strong as our weakest link.

More than 80% of workers financially not ready for longer MCO | The Malaysian InsightStats Dept survey shows Covid-19’s grim economic impact as govt mulls extension. Let's hope MOFmalaysia and KKMPutrajaya understand this predicament and do their level best to find the middle solution. How do we expect some people to earn money if they have to work outside like retail and factory workers lest they suffer from broke and hunger? Lets see how it goes if MCO is lifted!

Extend MCO beyond Hari Raya, doctors' group urges gov'tCORONAVIRUS | A 'balik kampung' exodus could spread the disease further, the Academy of Medicine of Malaysia warns. I want that and I also don't want that. Let the mco continues till 2021 then...

Putrajaya urged to extend MCO beyond April 14NSTnation: The Academy of Medicine of Malaysia has urged the government to extend the MovementControlOrder (MCO) beyond April 14. coronavirus covid19

‘So far so good’: CM says satisfied with MCO implementation in Sarawak | Malay MailKUCHING, April 9 — The state government is satisfied with the implementation of the movement control order (MCO) in Sarawak, Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Openg stressed today. He said the implementation has been good and the situation on the ground is under control. “I am also happy with...