All parties must accept SC decision on Azam - PM

All parties must accept SC decision on Azam - PM

20/1/2022 2:52:00 AM

All parties must accept SC decision on Azam - PM

Any queries about SC's decision, ask SC, says Ismail Sabri.


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I love my stpm n degree sains sosial Usm 07 Clear mentality yang menurut perintah. Tapi rakyat ada minda yang fully functional. Yes must follow the trends of akhirZaman Rakyat dont accept any shit form corrupted SC officials being investigated by Macc. Say, SC stands for Shitty Corruption? Mael Lowyat 2 should accept that Macc and Sc are corrupted like hell just like PNipu and BN

🐷🐷🐷 why should we? I really doubt pm intelligence. If u hv no action for this wrong doing, u must go to tanam ubi next election What joker is talking Wat for we should accept Fishy fishy.... 🖕🖕🖕🖕 you and your parties!

PM mahu semua pihak akur keputusan SC dalam kes AzamIsmail Sabri meminta semua pihak menerima keputusan terkini ditetapkan SC sebagai badan profesional negara yang lebih mahir selok belok berhubung isu Azam. So PM suruh akur TSAB menipu yg adik dia guna account dia untuk trading? Sebab SC kata tiada bukti orang lain pakai? Sejak bila pulak SC atas SPRM. PM begini tumbang lagi next PRU Imagine how tired we are

You just dug your own grave. He is holding your balls too ? He is as dirty as Azam pening pale gini No we dont. He must be removed and a proper investigation must be done probably led by Dato Ayob. So the truth will prevail. No more cover ups and political decisions on law and enforcement. SPRMMalaysia IsmailSabri60 PDRMsia SecComMY malaymail jpmgov_ bharianmy

SC is a government agency. Let AB prove himself through judiciary lines. Now, IsmailSabri60 understand that or not? Sorrylah!! Kleptokrat is back! ArdlyLufias Again like 1MDB scandal umnoonline led government of IsmailSabri60 use government machinery to sanitise like NajibRazak crime until proven otherwise. May Allah cursed them without mercy for the injustice. Allah is the best planner despite déception. Ameen ya rabbana Alameen

Dont worry datuk seri..They already signed the MOU..

SC: No proxy trading found as Azam controls own trading accountThis seems to contradict Azam's statement he allowed brother to use his account. Brother Go back to the roots...what actually triggers thi whole drama? AZ need to answer to PSC...did he declared that he owns such shares in the first place. SC said can't established any findings that AZ account was used by his brother. So why is it so complicated? Get AZ to answer So he lied to public?

Nonsense. They should not be any of this commission or such under PMO. I have a feeling presure from someone ontop to compel SC decision. How to heal our economy when investors has no confidence in our Gov or Gov Agencies ? Eh eh..apahal kau nk suruh ktorg bontot je ckp korang? Kalau kau mkn taik nak suruh ktorg mkn taik jugak ke? Apa ke bebal statement mcm ni

Seorang yang amat memalukan Malaysia dlm perlembagaan. Dunia sedang memerhatikan SC was right but the question is did you read the basis of SC’s conclusion. Do you really think Malaysians are so absentminded that we forgot why the issue was referred to SC in the first place. Dont insult the intelligence of the rakyat!!

It is so obvious that SC is afraid of MACC and the PM cannot see the Conflict of Interest between this 2 agencies. I don't know why tax payers must pay their salaries!! Mr. PM, we don't buy it....absolutely absurd. Nothing we can trust and hope on this govt right? Nothing....worst ever Passing the buck PM? Police knew they will be asked to cover up. So they passed the buck to SC. SC officers have so many skeletons in the cupboard. IN order not to antagonise MACC, they came to a half baked conclusion. Now PM says to accept the decision. Not going to happen PM.

Must accept? Must accept something that's wrong? IsmailSabri60 who are you to say we must? He broke the law, why don't you do something about it, instead of being a lame pm?

No breach of rules on Azam Baki’s trading account - SCKUALA LUMPUR: The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) has arrived at a decision that there was no breach of section 25(4) of the Securities Industry (...

Pundek lah. Patut la semua investors lari Get f*****!!! No. Only parties who signed the MOU including BN and PN should accept SC decisions. The 3rd force - Pejuang,Warisan & Muda did not sign any MOU with Ismail. Therefore they will continue fight against this corrupted gov and its leaders. Ismail told PH shut up

Nope. Both are corrupt and have cases against each other. Only a corrupt gov will accept that. Ooh a decree And all parties must accept Najib is guilty of embezzling billions.right? RIGHT Some of us will show you in the next GE

Saham azam Baki: Wajar suruhanjaya bebas walau SC beri jawapan - EdmundDr. Edmund Terence Gomez menjelaskan, beliau terkejut dengan siasatan singkat SC itu manakala hasil rumusan berkenaan tidak boleh diterima oleh semua pihak.

But this isn't over. The govt enforcement officers must not own anything more than RM100K worth of shares and have to declare if they do own shares. He didn't do BOTH!!! Forcing everyone to take every decisions made at face value. Nonsense! PIG In a way he’s saying accept the current government even though we are as dumb as the last one.

Why should I accept this lie when you do NOT have the courage to take the bull by it’s horns and seek the truth? An Independent Inquiry should be held and AB should be put on force leave Like how we can only accept you PM Malaysia There IS An AUTHORITY greater than yours IsmailSabri60 . You and all in this administration are fortunate , that this very authority is ALSO merciful and gives you a chance to turn away from yr own deception and deceiving others.

LOL. Break MoU already by tolerating corruption. Either SC or Azam is lying. no way, jangan kamu semua bersekongkol Kenyataan bongok yg datang dari PM yang tidak di restui rakyat. Pilihan rakyat ada lah DSAI Butoh pak hang la Mael

SC tak dapat muktamadkan siasatan AzamSC tak dapat muktamadkan siasatan Azam

All full of bullshit, Malaysia is a joke, Kalau kita korupt pun semua mesti terima.... Oh u Nia boh? ohuniaboh oh ok Yes, we can accept the SC decision. But that put Azam back to the same spot for trading more than RM100k worth of shares. SC let him go because he now says that he is fully aware of the trading. So now the “Adik saya yang buat” excuses tak boleh pakai alrd Good Luck

Bullshit laa.. dpt saham sekali ke cmne? why do Malaysian always accept whatever BS our government throw to us? Any different? Saya putar Halim... Still 'Mother of all questions' is that SC proclaimed the shares are all his. And that is the question here but why are you asking us to accept that lingering question without an answer!

Is SC covering up for Azam Baki, asks Guan Eng | The Malaysian InsightRegulatory body risks loss of investor confidence with 'dishonest and irresponsible statement' about MACC chief, says DAP leader. SC is not covering up Azam Baki But Tommy Thomas is covering up for YOU! No la...SC just caved in to Macc as they said they would look into complaints against SC directors etc LGE should keep quiet as he's considered as court cluster

PM yg tak tahu law..kot Get the elected PM to tell us that! One more agency goes ! No ways... Everything is happening without a proper channel... Today investigate tomorrow says nothings wrong... Some other cases months of investigation until now no ending or closure... This man has no clue! I'm starting to belief the rumour that he struggled even at SPM level. Goodness!

All anwaribrahim 's and dapmalaysia 's faults!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Yes. All parties should accept that the gov is corrupt to the bone. Mcm org bangang IsmailSabri60 Safe your backside too 🤔🤔 wah senang kerja.. no way pm tanpa mandat.. kena ada AZAM utk siasat AZAM. Agar segala persoalan tidak lagi BERBAKI.

No wonder all new investments went to Indon and those in Malaysia fled to Indon as well! Excellent PM, so far doing a good job It's only insane people or self interest parties will accept it. People want a thorough investigation on this matter. This is NOT only concerned AB himself BUT ITS OUR COUNTRY INTEGRITY & SERIOUSNESS IN FIGHTING CORRUPTION AND ABUSED OF POWER. AB is not an ordinary person.

SC said he own the shares? Does he even knows what’s going on ? Justice delayed = Justice denied Why? Just believe all lies spew by u and your people? Terpulang kat Rakyat. Kalau siasatan lengkap, terperinci dgn bukti, alasan dan rumusan yg kukuh, Rakyat terima. Tapi kalau bagi tahu keputusan je, banyak lah soalan2 berbangkit.

But SC says he was in full control. Meaning he lied. Then again, what do we expect from you lot other than lies, corruption and killing the nation? Of course we accepted it.. We knew it all along, it wasn’t his brother.. It’s him..

Errr...what decision exactly are we talking about, Mr PM? Malaysian first father of corruption shame full country .. . SC bukan badan penyiasat pencegah rasuah .. . So, manipulate SC to yr liking kan? Azam goes free. Rasuah satu racun untuk negara tiada vaksin atau booster boleh disuntik .. . Back to original questions then. How AB got money to buy the shares, does he declared it, and why does he lied saying his brother borrowed his account?

👆🏻 babi

Malaysia has shown to be corrupt to the core. Hopeless nation