Accept pay cuts, monetise your hobbies, advises Dr M

Accept pay cuts, monetise your hobbies, advises Dr M

6/4/2020 7:52:00 AM

Accept pay cuts, monetise your hobbies, advises Dr M

Ex-PM also suggests that Malaysians adopt new technology in order to make a living.

-Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has advised fellow Malaysians to accept potential salary cuts amidst the Covid-19 pandemic but stressed that it is possible to earn money through other ways, such as monetising one's hobbies."Sometimes people will have to stop work because there is no demand and because there is no demand you cannot keep on employing people and paying them a salary when you are not making any money.

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"One of the things we have to accept is if the income is low... we cannot expect to enjoy the same old lifestyle which costs money."When you reduce your kind of activities which costs money before, your need for pay would be less and you could actually live on lower pay.


Everything is frozen. Nothing is moving. Monetise your hobby? Seriously? The supply chain is broken, the chain snaps months ago, what business is running besides food transporter? Dah² la Tun. Thanks for everything, dah sampai masa Tun rehat je ya. 👌 Okay. As long as everything else is cheaper. But thats not gonna happen so 🤷🏼‍♀️

Memang tak nak orang lain ada duit agaknya dia ni kita ni untung tak hadap PKP under his government (tu pun kalau dia nk buat), ingat nk ke merasa semua bantuan tu walaupun xbanyak tapi dapat membantu especially yang memerlukan, kalau dia asyik kene cop pemalas jela lagi2 melayu Unsolicited advice is the junk mail of life.

Good advice, ex-PM, but that's enough from you. Have a rest. Take some sleep. says the guy who has had no money worries in his life, howabout he give his fortunes away Betrayer ! MACAM MANA NAK MONETIZE KOREK HIDUNG? Good advice but i would also like him to shut his mouth up Huh, r u really that disconnected?

Kau tu dah uzur. Cakap pun tak betul. Baik tak payah cakap apa2 kat media.duduk diam je Tun M ni dri dlu smpai skrg nsihat sama je..tahu la ank ada saham dlm kilang arak.. Wow, politics seems like a board game to you huh? easy for a man with 4 billionaires children. Yang meroyan lebih2 ni buat apa, betul la Tun cakap, suggest utk monetize hobby, cari cara lain nak buat duit, takkan tak habis2 nak suruh cukai orang kaya pastu kau dok rilek main phone?

BOOO Dr.Mahathir chedetofficial you are a vintage outdated politician still stuck in mid eighties mindset. You destroyed wage growth to appease investors. Tell me how to cut wages for B40 community. You never introduced social safety net to protect workers when you were PM/FM. Madey oh madey. My hobby is to sakat people

You are no longer the Prime Minister ... Stop yapping! Bad habit die hard .... Sembang je nih QuotedReplies saya setuju, kesiannn dgn kroni atok 😢 Nasib baik chedetofficial bukan lagi PM Reality spoken out clearly.. No hidden agenda.. This is factual and is hard to swallow. Tujuannya untuk kita semua bersedia...

Let me tell the old man that majority of Malaysian were already living in hard time before Covid. Now they going to suffer more. Not like the rich politician who cheat and stole people's money. And just sit at home and tell people what to do... .... Alhamdulillah u r not the Prime Minister anymore chedetofficial

chedetofficial just go to bed. Diam la org tua keparat For some 20% of the working population, their 'old lifestyle' is to survive with no more than RM 1,200/month. ok Tun, saya bersyukur dan tidak akan malas Tun. Thanks Tun. Nasib baiklah dah tak jadi pm lgi dah. Naya Talk Cock Ini kalau najib cakap atau Muhyiddin cakap mesti habis kena maki.

fark you chedetofficial lead by example.. sacrifice both your pensions sacrifice all the chairman attendance allowances and fees n commsiob that you get.. give up your security services provided by the taxpayer ask your children to take 50% pay cuts!! Zip it pls! Have you and your kids donated money to help the people? Your advice doesnt help the ppl at all. Just makes us angry

Ok how do every guy monetise watching porn now pixture yg ni nmpk mcm kitshang sket lol This guy would monetize anything. Outdated. Pelancung china ko nak letak dlm kandang ke ? Puihh la sial bapak petala kedekuk You always tell something that support rich dude but you need vote of poor to be in politics Sudah la malik

chedet that's reality but what is the solution? If you closed borders in January we wouldn't be in this mess this deep. Dok rumah diam2 for a change boleh tak? Look at this government, you should have passed the leadership to Anwar Ibrahim while you had the chance chedetofficial laaa ada lagi ni lah atok berehat dulu..tak payah fikir sangat hal negara ni..

Easier said than done Tun xpenah nk selesai kan masalah With that, we can all agree that tun is not fit for politics anymore. Thank you tun for your service Senang u ckp...ratusan million punya kekayaan tak sumbang dana covid19 sikit!!! Easier said than done. I think we’ve trusted you and listened to you quite enough. Your ‘advice’ invariably revolves around the peasants doing more work for less money. Rest well, Tun.

You're not helping... Stupid advise... Tun Malik boleh la cakap macam ni. His advice is fair only if his son is Saiful from Hizbul Muslimin 🤣 Just like your children monetizing their hobbies? Rehatlah atok Stop making idiots comment Fuh kalau tua ni still pm, naya orang miskin Ckp snang ler. Ko tu byk duit. Org biasa ni nk mkn nasi pun payah

cuba bayangkan Tun masih PM dlm situasi sekarang Still hoping people to believe someone who once said “ he will put his head to the chopping board “ to convince the green Malaysians to sign the citizens declaration. And steal ppls money like me 😁...what an idiot ...malaysia is in this shape because u started to loot the country ....

Accept pay cuts? No fucking way you outdated, out of touch dinosaur sape la nak dengar cakap penipu ni

Dr M: Malaysians must accept changes to existing lifestyle, wages | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, April 6 — Malaysians must accept changes to their existing lifestyle as they cannot expect to be paid the same as before amid the worsening Covid-19 pandemic, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today. In a Facebook Live interview with MyPerintis, Dr Mahathir said Malaysians must,... First all policians should lead the way especially cabinet members. Let’s start with reducing the numbers instead of increasing the numbers in the cabinet 'In a Facebook Live interview with MyPerintis, Dr Mahathir said Malaysians must, therefore, lower their standard of living in order to enjoy life with reduced pay.' Ministers first. Lead by example. Ride a bike to work.

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YOURSAY: Dr M lacks credibility to talk about Covid-19 crisis'Mahathir, if you can travel back in time, will you reset all these or just do the same?' Wow mkini just took some anonymous comments and made it headlines. senangbuatduit Probably He's a greedy hss been whom nobody in his rught lubd should listen to anymore. Karma as his legacy will read ' Bapa Pemusnahan'.

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Sokong kerajaan Muhyiddin bukan khianat, kata Dr Maza | The Malaysian InsightYang berjanji adalah Pakatan Harapan, Dr Mahathir dan Anwar bukan Agong dan rakyat biasa, katanya. We all the damages PH did, losing so many by-elections, stupidly pursuing austerity measure at the wrong time, in addition to poor response to covid19..thanks God for YDA & TSMY interference within constitutional tolerance in order to save Malaysia frm further downwards shitshow. Dia hisap ganja ke semalam