Indonesia, Doctors, 18 Dead

Indonesia, Doctors

18 doctors die of Covid-19 in Indonesia

18 doctors die of Covid-19 in Indonesia

5/4/2020 3:52:00 PM

18 doctors die of Covid-19 in Indonesia

JAKARTA: The Indonesia n Medical Association (IDI) on Sunday (April 5) reported that a total of 18 doctors, who had treated patients infected by the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, have died in the country.

The practitioners were believed to be infected while treating patients of the virus in hospitals, he said.Regarding the lack of protective equipment, the spokesman said that paramedics and hospitals have been trying to fulfill the needs.He expects all the needs could be met to make the paramedics focus on performing their tasks, local media reported.

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The Indonesian Health Ministry on Sunday reported seven new deaths of Covid-19, making the total death toll to 198.A total of 181 new cases have been confirmed, putting the total to 2,273 in the country, the government's spokesman for novel coronavirus-related matters Achmad Yurianto said.

The government has ordered citizens to wear cloth face masks when going out, citing that many asymptomatic cases have been found."Everybody must wear face masks. Surgical and N-95 masks are only for paramedics," he said. - Xinhua/Asian News Network

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CheriRoman Wow! aldhiraaa 😭 RASAEEENN LOOOOO If 18 doctors died because of Covid19, I wonder how many of the non doctors actually affected and die. I've asked this when the doctors number was 7. Pray for Indonesia. Innalillah. Al fatihah We can only imagine what happens if doctors and nurses stop working as they feel they aren't not protected enough.

1 lagi hal.. Sesetengah penduduk yg menolak jenzah dikebumikan adalah 1 sikap yg keterlaluan. Lebih 2 lagi melibatkan mereka 2 yg Muslim. Kasian pd family arwah n jenzah. AfiezyAzaman Aku rasa Indonesia akan jd Itali versi Asia Tenggara May God Help us all Case. Case. Case. Cluster. Cluster. Boom! malaysia really need to faster their step to contol the border

DGHisham 😭 keep all the frontliners safe. Indonesia protect your doctors. ❤️🥼 patut ban sesiapa jua dari Indonesia daripada masuk ke negara ini buat sekurang-kurangnya 6 bulan. bila kes negara dia dah teruk, pasti ramai yang nak lari ke msia. mungkin gelombang baru akan bermula sekali lagi, kali ini lebih dahsyat.

DGHisham Kita doakan barisan depan di Malaysia Allah lindungi mereka DGHisham Indonesia has taken it rather easy. Very little testing and lack of preparation... Now getting difficult to control the pandemic.. Some governors are keen on tougher measures but the central government is reluctant. I guess Indonesia is really a time bomb

DGHisham 😢 Omgg DGHisham Allahuakbar 💔 😭 No! You are absolutely wrong. 28 doctors die.. DGHisham RIP 🙏 COVID19indonesia Didn't China just honour its fallen doctors?! 🙊 Weren't they about the same number?! 🙈 This is heartbreaking 💔 DGHisham Semoga Allah hilangkan segera virus covid19 ini..

Indonesia covers up to protect orangutans from Covid-19JAKARTA: Poaching and habitat loss have decimated Indonesia ’s orangutan population, but now Covid-19 coronavirus has emerged as another potential deadly threat to the critically endangered species.

Minister: Indonesia has no plan to free corruption inmates despite Covid-19JAKARTA: Indonesia 's Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD on Sunday (April 5) has emphasised that the government has no plan so far to provide remission or parole for prisoners of corruption, terrorists and drug traffickers.

Malaysia mesti sedia lakukan 'total reset' hadapi Covid-19, kata Tok MatKeutamaan masa ini ialah membangun ketahanan ekonomi negara. FMTNews Tok Mat Covid19

Health Ministry: 150 new Covid-19 cases brings total to 3,486, death toll now at 57PUTRAJAYA: Another 150 new Covid-19 cases have been reported, bringing it to a total of 3,483 cases as of noon Saturday (April 4), says the Health Ministry.

Ministry testing if antibody-rich plasma can help treat Covid-19 patientsCORONAVIRUS | Several who have recovered from the virus have donated their blood for medical research. Wonderful. It has been considered in Pakistan and person who recovered from COVID-19 has donated his plasma. Two China company: Greenland Holdings and Country Garden Holdings in Australia bought 100 tons medical masks, hand sanitizers and other protective equipment and sent back to China. WuhanVirus Coronavirus GEanalyst I believed China had walked this path before!

Health Ministry: 150 new Covid-19 cases brings total to 3,483, death toll now at 57PUTRAJAYA: Another 150 new Covid-19 cases have been reported, bringing it to a total of 3,483 cases as of noon Saturday (April 4), says the Health Ministry. ape yang saye khuatiri ialah gelombang kedua ini akan berpanjangan... kerana virus tersebut masih dalam fasa penyebaran... gelombang ketiga berlaku apabila kadar penyebaran virus sama dengan kadar kematian yang dialami atau kadar kematian melebihi kadar penyebaran(harap dijauhi)