Murata to mass-produce all-solid-state batteries in fall

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「村田製作所、全固体電池を今期量産 ソニー由来の技磨く」の英文記事をNikkei Asia NikkeiAsia に掲載しています。 ▶️ Murata to mass-produce all-solid-state batteries in fall

KYOTO -- Murata Manufacturing will begin mass-producing all-solid-state batteries in the months ahead and supply the ultrasafe, next-generation power packs to makers of earphones and other wearables as it forgoes short-term profit and attempts to carve out a niche for itself in a cutthroat industry.

Murata's battery uses an oxide for the electrolyte. It is not suited to large-capacity, high-output applications, such as powering electric vehicles. It is, however, considered a safe charge for wearables because it does not produce toxic gas. Tohoku Murata's products include the Fortelion, a noncombustible high-performance lithium-ion secondary battery used in electricity storage systems.

"Some more time will be needed for the battery business to become profitable," President Norio Nakajima explained at the company's earnings announcement."We need a certain level of investment to increase production because we receive a lot of orders." "The new strategy isn't wrong," Nakajima said,"considering that the deficit has shrunk substantially."


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