Bids by Chinese and other companies for Pacific cable no longer valid

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「太平洋の光ケーブル、中国企業の入札無効 日米豪懸念で」の英文記事をNikkei Asia NikkeiAsia に掲載しています。 ▶️ Bids by Chinese and other companies for Pacific cable no longer valid

TOKYO -- Three companies' bids to build an undersea cable for Pacific islands, including a Chinese company's low bid, have been invalidated, Nikkei has learned.

The U.S., Australia and Japan raised security concerns over the project, warning that China could use the infrastructure for spying if the Chinese company were to build it. In late February, the consortium notified the three companies that"all bidders did not meet the required conditions" and that it would invalidate the bids.

Huawei Marine used to be under the umbrella of Huawei Technologies, the Chinese telecommunications equipment maker that has been targeted by U.S. sanctions, before it was acquired by China's Hengtong Group. Keio University professor Motohiro Tsuchiya said,"China is said to have the intention of taking control of optical cables in the Pacific Ocean west of Hawaii." He added,"There is a possibility of [China] claiming that the bid is invalid by some means."



NikkeiAsia 当然だろうな。海底敷設―ブルに変なモノをぶら下げて、回線情報を総取りしかねない。中共政権ならやってのける。何しろ、南シナ海の問題で国際仲裁裁判所の判決文を「単なる紙屑」とおごり高ぶった厚顔不遜の態度を示した国だもの。こんなモノは簡単に工作する。

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