'Worst Of The Worst' British Is Terror Suspects Moved To Us Custody - Independent.İe

'Worst Of The Worst' British Is Terror Suspects Moved To Us Custody - Independent.İe

'Worst of the worst' British IS terror suspects moved to US custody - Independent.ie

'Worst of the worst' British IS terror suspects moved to US custody


'Worst of the worst' British IS terror suspects moved to US custody

Two suspected Islamic State (IS) terrorists originally from Britain - dubbed The Beatles because of their accents - have been taken from Syria into American custody.

Together, the cell beheaded seven American, British and Japanese journalists and aid workers, and a group of Syrian soldiers, in 2014 and 2015, boasting of the butchery in chilling propaganda videos released to the world.

Announcing the operation, President Trump said:"We are taking some of the most dangerous Isis fighters out.

In a subsequent post on Twitter, Mr Trump added:"In case the Kurds or Turkey lose control, the United States has already taken the 2 ISIS militants tied to beheadings in Syria, known as the Beetles (sic), out of that country and into a secure location controlled by the U.S.

They were captured by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in January 2018.

Kotey, a Muslim convert and a reported father-of-two, was previously described by neighbours in his former west London community as a quiet man who was dedicated to Queens Park Rangers football club.

He is said to have attended the Al-Manaar mosque in Notting Hill in west London along with Emwazi and Davis, before fleeing Britain 10 years ago.

The court is expected to give its ruling at a later date.

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