Woman went on Penneys shoplifting spree on her way to court to appear on other shoplifting charges

Woman went on Penneys shoplifting spree on her way to court to appear on other shoplifting charges

22/10/2021 22:45:00

Woman went on Penneys shoplifting spree on her way to court to appear on other shoplifting charges

A woman went on a shoplifting spree in Penneys on her way to court to appear on other shoplifting charges.

isa Mongan appeared at Letterkenny District Court, in Co Donegal, charged with stealing property valued at between €400 and €600 of cosmetics and clothing from Penneys at Letterkenny Shopping Centre.The court was told that gardaí have CCTV footage which shows Ms Mongan (33) lifting items and placing them into her bag before walking out without paying.

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None of the items were recovered.The incident happened at around 10am on Wednesday moments before she was due in court on similar charges.Judge Raymond Finnegan was told that his colleague Judge Paul Kelly had effectively barred Ms Mongan from entering any shops in Letterkenny because of her risk of shoplifting.

Ms Mongan's solicitor Mr Donough Cleary applied for bail which gardaí strenuously objected to.The court heard how the accused had a total of 27 bench warrants issued for her when she failed to turn up in court previously.Garda McBride said that when he charged Ms Mongan she replied "I can't remember" and when cautioned she replied "I'm very, very sorry." headtopics.com

He added that there were no bail conditions that would satisfy him that Ms Mongan should be granted bail.Daily Digest NewsletterGet ahead of the day with the morning headlines at 7.30am and Fionnán Sheahan's exclusive take on the day's news every afternoon, with our free daily newsletter.

Enter email addressSign UpSolicitor Donough Cleary said Ms Mongan had problems in that if she was remanded in custody she could not attend counselling recommended by the courts."I see bigger problems than that for her at the moment," remarked Judge Finnegan.

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An oxygen depleter Love how they always post the most flattering pic of alleged criminals I really want to see a pic of the €400-€600+ produce she tried to take in Penneys.. of all places! Must have been many trolleys! Just bring back the death penalty and be done with scum like this A keeper. Does anyone know if Ireland has a fulltime Minister for Justice or do we still have a temp who fits it in when she has some spare time from being the Minister for Social Welfare? What a joke of a country this has become.

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Some of these comments are nothing short of disgusting. The lady in question happens to be my mate davidjameswalsh wife and he told me she’s very upset with the way she is being treated in public as a result of all this and is finding it hard to socialise now. The fairer sex I was going to say the defending solicitor should be ashamed of himself, But these people have no shame, A reprehensible profession.

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