We really are all in this together - so please stay home this Easter

Charlie Flanagan: We really are all in this together - so please stay home this Easter

09/04/2020 09:40:00

Charlie Flanagan: We really are all in this together - so please stay home this Easter

The lovely sunshine we're expecting this weekend will present the same challenge to all of us. We would all love to be out and about.

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I wonder has Charlie declared those envelopes wedged with money he receives from israel to do their bidding in the Dáil? It would be interesting to know. Meanwhile there's reportedly hundreds of UK registered cars coming off ferries with the plan to sit the virus out here for a few weeks Charlie flanagan now competing with Simon Harris for post of Minister for Concerned Expressions.

But we are not Charlie as long as TDs continue to accept full salaries while over 300,000 private secotr employees lose their jobs. Wr are certainly not all in this together mate Will the black and tans be allowed to come out? All in this together, really When will the politicians be getting their income cut to €350 a week then? The Dail isn’t sitting right now and no pay cut for politicians yet

Yea we're all in this mess together thanks to globalist traitors like Flanagan leaving our borders and airports open. Jaysus where did they find greatly concerned Charlie Flanagan 🤣🤣 miracles do happen history will show that Flanagan was never with the Irish people; he is a shill of the UN/globalist agenda.

Does that include spoofers coming into Ireland to claim Asylum ? Yep us Larry Denis we all one big happy family for at least 183 days. Except sinnfeinireland CharlieFlanagan 😂😂😂 What about the parasitic non tax residents? Are they in it with us? If so, tax them.

Easter 2020 Ireland: Best Easter Egg deals from Irish supermarketsThese are the offers you will find at Tesco, Dunnes Stores, Aldi, Lidl, SuperValu and Marks and Spencers

Baking and egg hunts: How families are making Easter dinner specialIt's tempting to ignore Easter this year, given its potential to be a sad day. We won't be spending it with the people we usually gather around our tables in celebration, whether extended family or groups of friends. The legs of spring lamb that are traditional may be too large for our immediate households; with everyone so conscious of food waste it's not the year to splash out without a firm plan as to what to do with the leftovers. A rack of lamb tastes just as good and is perfect split between two.

Kerry County Council to close public car parks and beach for Easter weekendKerry County Council is to close all public car parks at beaches around the county for the Easter weekend, it said.

Gardaí to launch operation discouraging Easter travelGardaí are to launch a nationwide policing operation tomorrow to discourage people from leaving their homes and travelling to holiday locations over the Easter weekend. Well done 👏👏a little bit of respect for us culchies please. .Stay in Dublin Excellent news. We’ve far too much Covid19 in County Clare already thank you; certainly don’t need any more from tourists! Good I hope it works

Gardai warn those who try to travel during Easter Weekend will be turned back at roadblocksGARDAI are warning those who try to travel during the Easter weekend that they run the risk of being turned around at roadblocks. Health Minister Simon Harris last night signed legislation to grant…

6,000 Easter eggs to be delivered to children in emergency accommodationMars Ireland has donated trucks full of chocolate goodies to Inner City Helping Homeless. As if they don't get enough free already.